Monday, September 1, 2014

Stila Eyes are the Window Soul Palette & In the Light Palette Comparison

One downside to being a makeup addict is that sometimes you may purchase items that are similar to other items in your collection.

This happens more often than I would like to admit.

I mean honestly how many different color variations can there really be? We are bound to have duplicates. The only difference comes in the quality of the shadows.

I mentioned in a previous post that I had been eyeing the Eyes are the Window Palette by Stila in Soul.

I finally bought it and swatched it. After swatching it I thought to myself that the shades in the Soul Palette had an uncanny resemblance to the shades in the Stila In the Light Palette.

I dug out my In the Light Palette and at 1st sight I would definitely say that all of the shades that are in the In the Light Palette are in the Soul Palette. At least they look identical once swatched.

Soul Palette - Swatches left to right - Light, Kitten, Thought, Vitality, Individual, Affection, Heart, Substance, Being, Character, Peace, and Essence.

In the Light Palette - Swatches left to right - Bare, Bubbly, Kitten, Gilded Gold, Bliss, Luster, Sunset, Night Sky, Sandstone, and Ebony.


Soul      In the Light

Light          Bare
Kitten         Kitten
Vitality       Bubbly
Heart           Bliss
Character     Luster
Peace           Sunset
Substance    Night Sky
Being          Sandstone
Essence       Ebony

The only shades from the Soul Palette that I felt didn't have dupes were Thought, Individual, and Affection.

After swatching both palettes, I would say that if you already own the In the Light Palette that you could skip on spending the $50 on the Eyes are the Window Soul Palette. Use the money to get one of the other palettes, unless of course you love the colors and use them daily.

My final thoughts are that I love the In the Light Palette, but after swatching the Eyes are the Window Soul Palette I am preferring it to In the Light. It may be due to the fact that my In the Light Palette is almost two years old and isn't as vibrant as it used to be.

My final decision will be based on creating looks using both the palettes. Look out for a blog post soon for the look comparisons.

Which palette do you prefer, In the Light or the Soul Palette?

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  1. thanks for the comparison! both of these palettes are really nice