Saturday, September 13, 2014

New Morphe Brushes Palettes - 35C Multicolor Matte & 35U Multicolor Shimmer

If you haven't yet heard of Morphe Brushes or tried any of their eyeshadows then you are definitely missing out.

I picked up two of their palettes recently when I was at PHAMExpo and I use them regularly.

They have great quality shadows at an even greater price. There 35 eyeshadow palettes are $19.95.

They recently came out with two new palettes.

They are the 35C - Multicolor Matte Palette and the 35U - Multicolor Shimmer Palette.

The same shades are in both palettes with one of course having matte finishes and the other are shimmer.

35C - Multicolor Matte Palette

35U - Multicolor Shimmer Palette

I think this is a great idea. Creating two palettes with the same shades but one being matte and the other shimmer. This comes in handy when creating looks. You can create a same color look, but use the matte to deepen the crease and the shimmer to add some same color sparkle to the lid.

Here is the link to check out the palettes in more detail on the Morphe Brushes site

Do you own any Morphe Brushes palettes? 

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