Thursday, September 18, 2014

Disney Good Vs Evil - Sneak Peeks

It looks like the next Disney e.l.f. collaboration is Good Vs. Evil.

I would say it's just a lucky guess, but I know because while browsing my local Walgreens for the Milani Constellation gel eyeliners (which were sold out) I found a Disney Good Vs. Evil compact mirror by Conair (I believe the mirror was $3.99, but I can't find my receipt).

This is a pretty good sign that this is the next collection.

After browsing I received even more confirmation.

These are the Disney and Kiss nail sets that we have seen with the Disney Villains, as well as Snow White and Ariel.

There are four nail sets, which are $9.99 each.

Briar Rose (Blue)

Hedge of Thorns (Purple)

Black Magic (Black and Silver)

True Love (Pink)

I don't know about you, but this is enough evidence for me to know that it is only a matter of time before all of the makeup items by e.l.f. hit the shelves. 

Be on the lookout because we know from past e.l.f. sets that these will be limited edition items, but they will also most likely be available on

Based on the mirror and the nail sets it looks like the collection may just be Sleeping Beauty, Aurora Vs. Maleficent. Stay tuned to find out. It could be that the Good Vs. Evil Collection will keep going with say Ariel Vs. Ursula, etc...

Good Vs. Evil, which side will you choose?

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