Monday, August 25, 2014

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette & Swatches

Today when I arrived home I found my Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette patiently waiting for me on my porch.

I was so excited I could hardly contain myself.

I know my fellow makeup addicts can relate.

It is like Christmas, but in this case you receive a gift from yourself to yourself.

You are already planning on the various looks you will create using your new gift.

I knew that when Urban Decay announced they were releasing a second palette in the Naked Basics series that I was going to get it.

The original Naked Basics palette is so versatile that I use it almost every single day whether it is alone or in conjunction with other eyeshadows. I use it to highlight the brow bone and inner corner of my eyes as well as on the crease, for blending, and for transition shades.

Of course I was going to want another palette just like that. This time around the Naked Basics 2 palette has shades that resemble the Naked 2 Palette. They are cooler toned shades than the original Naked Basics.

You still get 6 shades, 5 matte and one satin. The packaging is a little bit smaller, but still has all of the same characteristics of the original Naked Basics Palette that we all know and love.

Swatches from left to right - Skimp, Stark, Frisk, Cover, Primal, and Undone

Another picture, swatched in the same order as above

After swatching them I noticed that Stark is so close to my skin tone that it pretty much blends in. This will be the perfect shade to aid in blending out the harsh lines of other eyeshadows. I also noticed that these shades seemed more buttery smooth than the original Naked Basics.

The palette is currently available for $29 on Urban Decay's website (link below)

Look for it in the future at Sephora, Ulta, and anywhere Urban Decay is sold. 

Have you picked up your Naked Basics 2 yet?

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