Saturday, August 2, 2014

Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Revisited

I love Urban Decay!

They have some of the best eyeshadows, especially if a girl hearts sparkle.

Recently I came across my Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case that was stashed in my makeup desk.

I am a sucker for palettes and makeup kits. I appreciate the convenience of having many makeup products in one compact location. It makes life easier not having to lug around tons of different products.

So I rediscovered this gem and decided to use it to create another look.

I applied Fray to my crease.

Next under Fray I applied Redemption.

Lastly I patted Revolt unto my lid and inner corner.

I lined my top lid and under my eye with eyeliner and applied mascara.

I used Fetish blush and Craze highlighter for my cheeks.

I applied Scandal Super Saturated lip pencil lightly to my lips.

Which Urban Decay Face Case do you prefer Anarchy or Shattered?

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