Saturday, August 2, 2014

Stila Eyes are the Window Eye Shadow Palettes

Calling all Stila lovers, makeup lovers, and palette lovers!

Stila has released 4 new eyeshadow palettes to mark their 20 years of continued success.

These eyeshadow palettes are called Eyes are the Window and come in either Body, Spirit, Mind, and Soul.

They are all a mixture of matte and shimmer except for Mind, which is all matte.

These palettes are different from previous Stila palettes in that the packaging is not cardboard and now appears to be plastic.

Also the price of these palettes is significantly higher in that these are $49.

They are available now at Ulta online via the link below

Stila Eyes are the Window Eye Shadow Palettes

Left to right on the top - Body and Mind

Left to right on the bottom - Spirit and Soul

I am curious to see how these compare to other Stila palettes. I think I will be eventually picking up Soul. I love the Rose Gold Packaging and the gold and bronze toned shades.

Which is your favorite?