Thursday, August 7, 2014

Profusion Palette Swatches

I came across a Profusion palette in my collection that has some great colors for Fall.

Unfortunately, this palette doesn't have a name, but it apparently has 12 + 1 bonus eyeshadow, which I forgot to swatch. It is the black shimmer in the bottom right corner.

It does have an item number which is F-026, but  I don't know if that will help track down the palette.

I do know that I purchased this palette about a year ago and it was at Dollar Tree.

When I bought it I based my decision merely on its packaging. I know it's shallow of me. The front case of the palette is covered in leopard spots.

What can I say about this palette?

The eyeshadows are shimmer and buttery smooth. They apply like a dream.

The only recommendation I have is to apply these over a great primer and base because they can crease quite easily.

Aside from that, these are gorgeous shades that would be perfect for a Fall inspired makeup look.

Have you tried Profusion eyeshadows? Thoughts?

I almost forgot, Ulta now carries Profusion. :)

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