Saturday, August 23, 2014

My OCC Lip Tar Collection

I must admit that I was late jumping on the OCC Lip Tar wagon. I only started buying them about a year ago.

I started out my collection with Grandma, which is a coral color and I have to say that it is still my favorite Lip Tar hands down.

Then of course I had to get Clear which acts as a lip primer and when applied under a Lip Tar allows for the easy application of any other Lip Tar applied on top of it.

Next I picked up a set of 3 at Sephora which contained Harlot (neon red matte), Nylon (bright pink matte), and Trollop (pinked coral matte).

Then I picked up another Lip Tar set from Sephora, which contained 12 All-Star mini Lip Tars, which really expanded my Lip Tar collection.

It came with Clear, Pris (pale champagne metallic), Divine (flamingo pink matte), Psycho (blood red matte), Stalker (blue based red matte), Clockwork (burnt orange creme matte), Strumpet (grape red matte), Yaoi (fuschia metallic), Lovecraft (pink lilac metallic), Super NSFW (gold laced red metallic), Electric Grandma (coral frost metallic), and Authentic (bronze copper frost metallic).

At IMATS LA 2014, I picked up Feathered (pure white matte), Rollergirl (lavender purple matte), and Mannequin (malibu pink matte).

Lastly, at PHAMExpo 2014, I picked up 3 of the new Stained Gloss Lip Tars in Dune (light beige with gold shimmer), Off World (pearlescent metallic shimmer) , and Aurora (pink coral gloss).

That brings my current OCC Lip Tar Collection up to 23.

I highly recommend OCC Lip Tars. They are one of my favorite lip products. They are highly pigmented and long lasting. Have an excellent range of color options and different finishes. They also have awesome names. For example, if someone asks you what you are wearing on your lips, who wouldn't want to answer "Harlot."

They can be quite pricey at $18 for a full size, but they are always on sale at the makeup shows at $10 a piece. 

How many OCC Lip Tars are in your collection?

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