Sunday, August 31, 2014

Miss A Haul #2

Hi, my name is Tiffany and I am addicted to not only makeup, but now Miss A.

I recently posted a haul from Miss A.

They are an online accessory and makeup store.

They sell trendy items that are all only $1.

How could one not become addicted?

This time around I picked up a couple of makeup items in addition to hair accessories and jewelry.

Here's what I got:

7 Necklaces - a gold lace bow, a silver lace butterfly, a layered pearl silvered necklace, a layered crystal ball necklace, a silver heart key necklace, a silver and green bow necklace, and a silver mirror necklace.

6 Sets of Earrings - silver bow earrings, yellow and silver double butterfly earrings, green bow earrings, mint green bird and ladybug earrings, yellow bow earrings, and silver red heart earrings.

1 Bracelet - pearl bracelet with green bows.

1 Ring - giant yellow crystal flower

Hair Accessories - a set of green flowers, a sunflower bun rubberband, and a mint lace flower headband.

2 Kleancolor Lipsticks - Tingling Mimosa and Oro

I have to admit that I do have one more haul from Miss A on the way (that rhymed). It is mostly a makeup haul as I ordered all 12 of the Kleancolor Ms. Chick Blushes and 8 more of the Kleancolor lipsticks.

Have you checked out the Miss A website yet?

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