Thursday, August 28, 2014

MAC The Simpsons Collection

After months of anticipation, The Simpsons Collection by MAC was released today. It marks the 25th year anniversary of the Simpsons.

Any makeup lover that has purchased a limited edition MAC collection online knows the nightmare that it can be.

The collections are released at any time and a lot of times the items are available but don't show in the new collections portion of the website. Usually you have to search the website based on the name of one of the items in the collection, which will then enable you to purchase the items.

This morning when I received the email from MAC notifying me that the collection was available online I was shocked to find that none of the items in The Simpsons Collection were sold out.

The Collection is actually quite small, containing 2 eyeshadow quads, a lash set, 4 tinted lipglasses. 2 blushes, and nail stickers.

The eyeshadow quads are $44 each.

The first eyeshadow quad is called That Trillon Dollar Look Quad, which contains 4 green shades.

The second eyeshadow quad is called Marge's Extra Ingredients and it contains a pink, purple, and blue shades.

The lashes are $18.50 and are called the 7 Lash.

The lipglasses are $16.50.

The orange shade is called Grand Pumpkin.

Red Blazer is the red shade.

 Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy is the purple shade.

There is a yellow called Nacho Cheese Explosion, which I have heard is very sheer.

The blushes are $24 each.

The first blush is called Pink Sprinkles and it is a pink blush.

The second blush is called Sideshow You and it is a coral shade.

Last in the collection are the nail stickers.

They are $16.50

After the first day of its release there are still items available in the collection.

The items that are currently sold out are the lashes, Red Blazer Lipglass, and Itchy & Scratchy Sexy Lipglass.

I was tempted to pick up the That Trillion Dollar Look Quad and the Sideshow You Blush, but I decided to just get the Red Blazer and Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy Lipglasses

If you want an item that is sold out you will have another chance when the collection is released at MAC stores, Macy's and Nordstroms.

Below is the link to MAC's website to check out the collection

What did you pick up from the MAC Simpsons Collection?

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