Monday, August 25, 2014

Lorac Mega Pro Palette - Sneak Peek

When I was scrolling my Instagram feed earlier this morning, I came across a post from the lovely @beautylogicblog and I stopped breathing (only for a short moment, no need to be alarmed).

When I regained oxygen intake, my first reaction was to doubt what I was seeing.

You know how sometimes you are surfing the net and you come across bogus items that aren't for real. So I was hesitant at first to believe my eyes.

When the shock wore off I started accepting what I was seeing.

The next question was when does this come out? (It is rumored to be released in November, Yay! Right before Christmas). I don't even care what it will cost. I just know that it is lovely and I want it. No, I need it.

This lovely palette pictured below is by Lorac, which you can probably tell by the packaging, appearance of the shadows, and the AC reflected in the mirror (from the name LORAC) and the PR on the side of the palette (for PRO).

This palette contains 32 eyeshadows. That would be the equivalent of putting your Lorac Pro Palette and Lorac Pro 2 Palettes together (since each has 16 eyeshadows).

What's even more exciting is that a lot of these shades look new. Besides that it looks like you have your neutrals, jewel tones, smokey shades, plus your basic black and white shades. 

Want more good news about this palette?

It's rumored to only be $59.

What do you think of the Lorac Mega Pro Palette?

Pictures from @beautylogicblog

Is it November yet? 

Update: Lorac has announced that the Mega Pro Palette will now release in October. So now the question is, is it October yet?


  1. OMG Tiffany! Such gleeful joy you give me! but also heartache because this will be a challenge to get in canada....le tear! I know nordstroms ships to canada, but it is SO expensive..... NEVERTHELESS, this TOO shall be mine! High fives and thanks for sharing! makes my day! xo's

    1. Isn't it beautiful? It is a definite must have. You are very welcome. Thanks for reading and commenting. November is just around the corner.

  2. I also want so badly! My birthday is on November too! But it's true , in Canada it is so hard to get awesome name brand makeup :(

    1. It would definitely be a great birthday present. I had no idea it was difficult to get some items in Canada. I hope you are able to get it ☺️