Sunday, July 27, 2014

e.l.f. Disney Snow White Collection

e.l.f. has done it again with another Disney Collection.

First, it was Ariel and now it is Snow White.

These collections are exclusive to Walgreens. 

So far, this collection includes a brush collection, eye collection, face collection, lip collection, beauty book, eyelashes, and 4 different makeup bags.

I hadn't known about this collection until about a week after its release.

I immediately starting stalking my local Walgreens, which included visits and calls. 

One night I got lucky when I called around 7pm and they were just putting the collection out.

I arrived at my local Walgreens in about 5 minutes.

By that time there were only about one of each set available with the exception of the lashes and makeup bags.

Each Collection is simply named The Fairest of Them All whereas each piece in the Ariel Collection had different names.

Each piece in collection is either $4.99, $7.99, or $9.99.

Beauty Book

Brush Collection

Eye Collection

Face Collection

Lip Collection


Makeup Bag

The Ariel Collection was available on a couple weeks after its initial release in Walgreens stores.

The Snow White Collection is now also available online.

This whole collection is adorable and I feel like e.l.f. and Disney have really outdone themselves. I hope that they continue these collections with the other princesses.

Have you picked up any items from the e.l.f. Disney Snow White Collection?

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