Sunday, May 25, 2014

OCC Lip Tar Trio - Nylon, Harlot, and Trollop

I love OCC Lip Tars.

They are so pigmented and will last for hours.

I recently picked up a trio set from Sephora, which included Nylon, Harlot, and Trollop.

Nylon is described as a bubblegum pink with a neon twist

Harlot is described as a neon popsicle red

Trollop is described as a pinked coral

All three of these shades are matte.

Lip Tars retail for $18 each. The trios retail for $39.50, which is a great deal.You are getting three for the price of two.

This is a great set to get because you are getting three different colors, a red, pink, and a coral.

Lip Tars are truly great lip products, just apply them over a lip primer and you are good to go for hours.

My favorite lip tar is Grandma. What is yours?

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