Saturday, April 5, 2014

L.A. Girl - Glazed Lip Paint

L.A. Girl announced the release of their Glazed Lip Paints this past week.

When I saw them I initially thought of the Too Faced Melted lip glosses.

Then I was intrigued I thought if they look alike in packaging they may be a similar. I instantly wanted to try one since I knew these would be way more affordable than the Melted glosses. I haven't yet tried the Melted ones since the price has been a little bit of the reason.

L.A. Girl describes their Glazed Lip Paints as having the appearance of a lipstick but the finish of a lip gloss. They come in 6 shades and are $4 each. The colors range from red, orange, purple, pink, to nude. Whatever your color preference they have it.

I really want to try the orange (Hot Mess) and purple (Coy). Below is the link to check them out on L.A. Girl's website.

Have you ordered your yet?

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