Sunday, April 6, 2014


While I was at Bed Bath and Beyond doing some shopping I happened to come across the GlamCaddy.

I told myself this looks interesting and tossed it in the cart before my husband could see it.

To understand what the GlamCaddy is, think Acrylic makeup storage, but not the drawers or boxes you normally see, but a rotating organizer that will store 200 of your precious beauty items.

Now think $29.99 and that's a steal.

Here's what it looks like outside of the box

Now here's what it looks like with 200 of your precious beauty items. I say good job to myself for picking up such a great item that is affordable, sturdy, and makes my life better because I am more organized which makes me happy. My makeup desk looks clean and I can find items I need and if I can't see the items in the back I just spin the organizer and I can see the others items.

I check Bed Bath and Beyond online and I couldn't find the GlamCaddy, so I am not sure if it is sold out or only sold in stores. I suggest searching GlamCaddy in the google search bar and hopefully that will lead to a site that has it for sale.

I use a variety of items for makeup storage. What do you use?

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