Saturday, March 1, 2014

Maybelline Dare To Go Nude Color Tattoo - Swatches

I am utterly and completely addicted to Maybelline Color Tattoos. There really is no other way to put it.

Every time a new limited edition collection comes out I know that I must have them in my life or I may just die. Ok I probably won't die, but I will definitely feel like I am missing out if I don't have them.

The reason I have this love for Maybelline Color Tattoos is that I have found that they work really well on me. This means that they last a long time and only crease after hours and hours of wear. They are one of my Holy Grail makeup products.

When I first saw pictures of the Dare to go Nude Collection of Color Tattoos I was immediately breathless. I love Barely Beige and Barely Branded and I typically use one or the other daily in my makeup routine. Neutrals are the perfect everyday, go to makeup.

Seeing that this collection was all neutrals and actually a range of neutrals I made it my life's mission to obtain them. I always find that getting my hands on Maybelline's limited edition lines of the Color Tattoos is usually a chore. I am never able to find them and after a couple weeks of searching I resort to being robbed by purchasing them on ebay. Sometimes it is just worth the money.

With all that being said I received my order today in the mail and without further adieu I bring you swatches of them.

Swatched left to right - Pure Nude, Beige-ing Beauty, Nude Compliment, Sleek & Spice, Caramel Cool, and Stroke of Midnight

Just from swatching them I think that Caramel Cool is my favorite thus far. Have you picked up any of the Dare to go Nude Color Tattoos? Which is your favorite?

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