Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

I had no idea these were out yet. 

I was scrolling through Sephora online and noticed that the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes are out. Out as in they have been released, but are now all sold out online except for Radiant Magenta. 

Ok I just realized they are only available to Sephora VIB Rouge members from 1/24-2/1. They will be released to the general public on 2/21. Whew! I hope they are all back in stock by then (bites nails)

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush comes in 6 shades:

Dim Infusion
Ethereal Glow
Luminous Flush
Radiant Magenta
Diffused Heat
Mood Exposure

They are $35 each. 

They all look so gorgeous. If they are ever back in stock I am going to have to at least pick one of these up. Have you purchased one of them yet? Thoughts?

MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Collection

The new spring collection, A Fantasy of Flowers by MAC comes out tomorrow, January 30th.

Lipsticks - $15

Fleur D'Coral - Light Creamy Peach
Naked Bud - Medium Toned Pale Nude
Dreaming Dahlia - Bright Red Light Coral
Rose Lily - Pastel Pink
Snapdragon - Mid-Tone Blue Pink
Heavenly Hybrid - Medium Toned Berry

The A Fantasy of Flowers Collection contains new fluidlines, pigments, mineralize eyeshadows, nail lacquers, brushes, mineralize blushes, mineralize skinfinishes, Haute & Naughty mascara, and creamsheen glasses.

I am loving the pigments, lipsticks, and mineralize eyeshadows. What will you be picking up from the collection?

Makeup Storage Ideas

Any makeup lover can relate to the issue of how to store all of their makeup.

I have the Alex drawers from Ikea which do work great for storing most of my makeup. I also have a train case which I use to store some of my makeup, but I found that I still need more storage. I have been seeing the acrylic makeup storage boxes for some time now and have been wanting to get one, but the price has me stalling. Most of them are around $100.

I happened to be at Target one bright and sunny saturday morning and was looking at the storage aisle. I ran across the Sterilite 3 drawers and a lightbulb instantly went off. They look sort of similar to the acrylic ones and the concept is the same, they store makeup. The best part is they are only $13.

Maybe one day I will buy an acrylic makeup organizer, but for now this will work just fine. I may even buy another one.

Do you have an acrylic makeup organizer or a Sterilite one? Opinions?

Urban Decay Limited Edition Duo-Shades

Urban Decay has released two limited edition eyeshadow duos.

They are X + Half Baked and Sin + Mushroom.

These are just like the duo-shades that were in the Theodora and Glinda palettes.

Below is the link to check them out on Urban Decay's site. They are $18 each.

I like the idea of having two eyeshadows available in one convenient location. What do you think?

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Target Haul

I went by Target yesterday and picked up a few items I have been dying to try. I also picked up a few items I probably didn't need but wanted to get. 

I have been seeing the new Maybelline Baby Skin so I decided to pick it up and give it a try. I used it today and can say that my pores did seem less noticeable. Or maybe it is all in my head. I will have to keep using it to really be able to tell if I see a difference. I can say though that it feels very similar to the e.l.f. Mineral primer when applied to the face. It is very soft and very smooth hence probably the reason it is called Baby Skin. 

I also got one of the Revlon Colorbursts in Tease. I figured it was a color I don't have a lot of so it will get some use. It is a pretty orangish color. It smells like Peppermint, glides on easily, and is long lasting. I may be getting more of these in the future. 

Another item that has been getting a lot of buzz lately is the Maybelline Master Glaze Blushes. I picked up Coral Sheen sticking to the orange theme. They are pigmented and apply easily. I would recommend starting out with a light hand and slowly building up the color because these can get out of hand quite easily. I noticed for me the staying power was about 4 or 5 hours. They may last longer if set with a powder blush or setting powder. 

When I go to Target I always have to visit the dollar spot. I found a yellow pencil cup that will work great as a brush holder. I also grabbed two sets of the e.l.f. Natural lashes as they are some of my favorite lashes and for a buck who can resist?

Until the next haul...

What great drugstore items have you picked up lately? Have you tried any of the items I got?

Simple Purple Look with Sugarpill's Frostine

Yesterday morning I was playing with makeup as I do everyday and decided I wanted to do a simple look. I wanted to do something with purples so I put the following items together:

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby eyeshadow in Frostine

BH Cosmetics blush in Lilac

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Rollergirl

As you can see from the pictures below the eye look is very simple. All I did was prime my lid with Urban Decay primer potion, apply e.l.f. Pressed Mineral eyeshadow in Bridal Party (white) on my brow bone, patted Sugarpill Frostine on my lid up to my crease, and applied a Sephora eyeshadow in Wedding Day (white shimmer with silver glitter) to my inner corner. 

I curled my lashes and applied Covergirl Lash blast Mascara to my lashes. I didn't apply eyeliner to my top lid or under my eye. I then applied BH Cosmetics blush in Lilac to my cheeks and used the highlight color from the blush palette. 

Next I finished the purple look with OCC's Lip Tar in Rollergirl and voila! A simple, purple, natural look. In closing, Frostine is a beautiful Duochrome color from Sugarpill. I love it! It looks like a purple, pinky, and maybe even blue. Absolutely gorgeous!

Have you tried any of these products? Thoughts?

MAC Vintage Vamp

I love Valentine's Day. What's not to love? A holiday all about love. 

I also love Valentine's Day collections and Valentine's Day makeup. MAC has put together a small collection for Valentines Day called Vintage Vamp. 

This collection contains two famous MAC lipsticks, which are Candy Yum Yum and Ruby Woo. They are $15 each. They are available online at or your local MAC store. 

I have been wanting to pick up Candy Yum Yum for what seems like forever. What type of person are you? Candy  Yum Yum or Ruby Woo?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Forever Glam and Forever Nude Palettes from BH Cosmetics

Last weekend at IMATS BH Cosmetics revealed two new palettes. They are the Forever Glam and Forever Nude Palettes. At IMATS you could pick them up for $10 each. I chose to get the Forever Nude Palette since I have been on a neutral kick lately.

Each palette comes with 6 eyeshadows, two blushes, a highlighter, and two lip glosses. The packaging is super cute, sturdy, and comes with a big mirror. 

The palettes were released today just in time for Valentine's Day. They can be purchased at for $11.95 each. They are the perfect palettes to create a day or night look this Valentine's Day. 

Which palette fits your makeup style? Glam or Nude?

Urban Decay Electric Palette

So today I was minding my business surfing the net when Bam! I stumble across this lovely picture below. 

It would appear that Urban Decay will soon be releasing a new palette for Spring or Summer called the Electric Palette. The Electric Palette comes with 12 shades that are very vibrant. I am so excited for this palette it will be perfect for the upcoming seasons and contains colors that will all work great when you want a pop of color. 

I am not sure yet of the exact release date or the exact price of the palette, but it will probably be soon and most likely will be around $50. 

What do you think of the Electric Palette from Urban Decay? Love it or leave it?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sigma Warm Neutrals - Day 2

Today's Makeup of the Day was created using the Warm Neutrals Palette that I got from Sigma Beauty at IMATS. 

Brow Bone - Sugar Milk (1st row, 2nd color)
Lid - Fawn (2nd row, 1st color)
Crease - Cozy (3rd row, 1st color)
Outer Corner & Outer Crease -Warm Stone - (3rd row, 4th color)
Under the eye - Cozy over Almay's eyeliner in Brown Topaz

What are your thoughts on the Warm Neutrals Palette by Sigma Beauty?

Sigma Warm Neutrals - Day 1

One of my purchases from IMATS this past weekend was the Warm Neutrals Palette from Sigma Beauty.

I waited in the Sigma line for about an hour and a half to purchase this palette, but so far it has been worth it. The shades are all neutral and are matte and shimmer. They are very pigmented, have very little fallout and are long lasting. The palette was on sale for $27, which is a great deal since it is regularly $39.

If you are interested in checking out the Warm Neutrals Palette, below is the link to Sigma's website.

Here's how to recreate my look:

1. Apply Sugar Milk (1st row, 2nd color) to your brow bone.

2. Next apply Russet (2nd row, 3rd color) to your crease and blend.

3. Pat Optimistic (3rd row, 3rd color) on your lid.

4. Apply Mild Mannered (1st row, 3rd color) to your inner corner.

5. Drag Russet under the eye.

6. Finish by adding your liner and mascara.

I am a huge advocate of color, but lately with the release of all of these great neutral palettes I have found it quite hard to not use them.

Have you tried the Warm Neutrals Palette from Sigma Beauty?

Sugarpill Brushes

While visiting the Sugarpill booth at IMATS this past weekend I noticed a display for makeup brushes.

You know what I did?

That's right the only thing a sensible girl in my position would do. I bought them all.

The brushes that are available are the lip brush, tapered blending & crease brush, large eyeshadow, and precision eyeliner. I can't find my receipt, so I am not sure how much the brushes were, but I want to say that they ranged in price form $12-$18 each.

They are currently not available for purchase on Sugarpill's website, but be on the lookout for them as they most likely will be available in the future.

Did you know that Sugarpill has brushes? Were you able to purchase them? Thoughts?

New Viva Glam Rihanna

MAC released the new Viva Glam Rihanna today.

The collection contains a Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick and a Viva Glam Rihanna Tinted Lipglass. They are a blue-red with a frost finish. The lipstick is $16 and the lipglass is $15. Both are currently still available on MAC's website.

All proceeds from the products go to helping those affected with HIV/AIDS.

Have you picked up your Viva Glam Rihanna yet?

Sunday, January 19, 2014


The time I had been waiting for since last January arrived yesterday. Yes, yesterday was a great day indeed that went by entirely too fast. Yesterday was IMATS LA.

This year I decided to get there earlier, earlier being 6:30 in the morning. I am glad I did as I was so much closer in line than I was last year when I arrived an hour later.

I had a plan this year. I had mapped out all of the vendors that I wanted to visit, in particular Sugarpill and Lime Crime as last year their lines were insane and I was unable to visit their booths.

When the doors opened and we were granted entrance inside I dashed to Sugarpill and was helped almost immediately as there were not that many people ahead of me. The Sugarpill staff was awesome and very friendly.

I was able to finally get a lot of the Sugarpill items I have been drooling over for months that were missing from my collection, which were:

The Elektro Cute pigments in Hellatronic, Love Buzz, Sparkage, Hi-Viz, and Supercharged

All of the Sparkle Baby Shadows in Kitten Parade, Frostine, Candycrush, and Hotsy Totsy

The limited edition items, @#$%! and Smitten

The ChromaLust shadows in Goldilux and Lumi

The Cold Chemistry Palette

I also picked up the Charlotte lashes and new lashes - Glitzy, Imperial, and Crystalline

Sugarpill Makeup Brushes - Precision Eyeliner, Lip Brush, Large Eyeshadow, and Tapered Blending and Crease Brush

Next I ventured to the Sigma booth. The backside of the booth was empty and gave the illusion that there wasn't a line. Well that was so far from the truth. At the back side of the booth you look at the items that are available for sale and then line up in front of the booth. That line ran all the way to the MAC booth which was rerouted out through the lobby entrance.

While in the Sigma line for an hour I decided to wander over to the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics booth while my place was held in line. I am so glad I did because OCC had a sale on liptars, they were $10 each. I picked up 3 in Feathered, Mannequin, and Rollergirl.

I jumped back in the Sigma line and in about another half hour I made it to the Sigma checkout and picked up their Warm Neutrals Palette. I was also going to buy the perfect blending kit (brushes) from Sigma since it was on sale for $44, but changed my mind last minute since I had already spent about $60 on the Sugarpill brushes.

Next I headed to NYX. NYX had a great set up with their booth. Their booth was in a square setup and all the way around ran the products. They hand you a container and you walk your way around the display picking what you want. When you are done you line up. When I was in line I only waited about 5 minutes and checked out where I received a complimentary NYX bag. Here are my NYX items:

Butt Naked Turn the Other Cheek Palette
Golden Horizons Palette
Sex Bomb Palette
Adorable Palette
Love in Paris - Pardon my French Palette
Baked Blush in Foreplay
Sunkissed Powder
Butter Lipsticks in Gumdrop & Lollies
Butter Lipglosses in Peach Cobbler & Cupcake
Roll on Shimmer in Nude, Platinum, and Mauve Pink
Jumbo Eye Pencils in Milk and Cucumber
Aqua Luxe Glam Liner in Glam Pink
Infinite Eyeshadow Stick in Crystal
Primal Colors Eyeshadows in Hot Yellow, Hot Pink, Hot Orange, Hot Fuchsia
Gel Liner in Daring Danielle
Makeup Brushes - B20 Concealer, B15 Eyeshadow for Smokey Eyes, B12 Crease, and B22 Angled Eyeliner

At this time I still wanted to visit Lime Crime, Violet Voss, Morphe Brushes, Naimies, Crown Brush, Dose of Colors, Saucebox, Inglot, Make up For ever, and Mehron, to name a few. I realized that I had pretty much hit my budget in a mere 2 hours. Eek...

I made one last stop at BH Cosmetics. I picked up one of the new palettes they have that hasn't yet been released online called the Forever Nude Palette. It contains 6 eyeshadows, a highlighter, a blush, a bronzer, and two lip glosses.

By this time IMATS was getting pretty full and I took that and the fact that I had hit my budget as a sign to call it a day. I have decided that next year I am going to purchase the two day tickets. I will spend Saturday shopping and Sunday to enjoy the exhibits, shows, and classes without worrying about shopping. I am so sad that IMATS has come and gone but the countdown for next year now begins.

Did you go to IMATS? What items did you get? Did you meet anyone?

Sugarpill Booth

Sigma Beauty

Goodies at NYX

Waiting in line to check in

Some of the Special Effects Makeup

Stila Booth

She was such a sweetie who posed for us for a picture

Saw Goldiestarling, was going to try and get a picture with her before she jumped on stage. Next year :)

The end of my IMATS experience taking the traditional IMATS picture

Friday, January 17, 2014

MAC Warm Neutral - Day 3

Here is another look I created using the Warm Neutral Palette from MAC. 

Brow Bone -Brule
Crease-Dark Brew
Inner Corner - Honeylust

MAC Warm Neutral - Day 1

When I first heard that MAC had released a Warm Neutral Palette I knew I had to get it. I quickly added it to my wishlist. I recently gave in and picked it up sooner than I was going to. 

The colors are all so beautiful. 

I did a four day series using this palette. Here is the first look I created:

Brow Bone- Brule
Crease - Saddle
Lid & Under the Eye- Amber Lights

EM Waterliner in Black Olive
Too Faced Lash Gasm Mascara

Have you picked up your Warm Neutral Palette from MAC yet?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Sugarpill Lashes

Sugarpill has announced that they will be releasing 6 new pairs of lashes this weekend at IMATS LA. 

They are:







They are normally $7, but will be on sale for $5. 

Are you going to IMATS? If so, will you be picking any of these up?

NARSissist Palettes

The NARSissist Palettes have been available for some time now. 

They are the NARSissist Cheek Kit and NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette. 

The Eyeshadow Palette contains 15 everyday eyeshadows and retails for $79. The Cheek Kit contains a highlighter, blush, and bronzer and retails for $49. They are both available for purchase at Sephora and are limited edition. 

I love them both and have been wanting to try NARS forever but feel like these are not in my budget at the moment. 

Have you purchased either one? Thoughts?

NYX Dream Catcher Palettes

NYX has been releasing tons of new products recently. Amongst these new items is a line of Dream Catcher Palettes. The line contains three new palettes, which are Dusk Til Dawn, Golden Horizons, and Stormy Skies.

They are available on NYX's website and are $15 each.

Each palette comes with 10 shades with a big mirror that is underneath the eyeshadow tray.

What do you think of the Dream Catcher Palettes? I like Golden Horizons.

Blue, Bronze, and Gold with Coastal Scents

This past Friday I wanted to do something a little edgy with my makeup.

I decided to use the 252 Ultimate Palette from Coastal Scents. I opened the palette and just started applying colors. I knew that I wanted to do something with blue. That then turned into a matte light brown, bronze shimmer, blue shimmer, and gold shimmer.

Here's what I did:

1. I applied a Matte Cream to my brow bone.

2. I placed a Blue Shimmer in my crease.

3. I patted a Bronze Shimmer on my lid.

4. Above the blue shimmer in the crease, I applied a Matte Light Brown.

5. I added a Gold Shimmer to my inner corner.

6. I blended, and blended, and blended.

7. I lined under my eye with the bronze shimmer.

8. I lined my top lid with my Espresso Cream liner.

9. I curled my lashes and applied my Too Faced LashGasm Mascara.

The 252 Ultimate Palette from Coastal Scents is a great palette. I highly recommend it. The shadows are about the size of a dime but any shadow you can think of in any texture exists in that palette allowing for versatility.

The Adorable Shadow Palette

So maybe with Valentine's Day around the corner you want to play it safe with your makeup. Maybe The Sex Bomb Palette is not your cup of tea. Well have no fear because NYX has also released The Adorable Shadow Palette. The Adorable Shadow Palette plays it safe with its pink and nudes.

The Adorable Palette also contains 6 shades, which are:

Matte Dark Brown
Matte Brown
Shimmery Nude
Shimmery Brown
Matte Pink
Matte White

This palette is also $7.50 and can be purchased on NYX's website.

I like this palette too and think that it would be a cute palette to create a dainty, sweet look. I may have to add this one to my collection too. How about you? Are you a fan of the Adorable Palette or the Sex Bomb Palette?

The Sex Bomb Shadow Palette

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, what better palette to use for your Valentine's Day makeup?

NYX has this new palette called the Sex Bomb Shadow Palette. It comes with 6 shades that are:

Matte Red
Shimmery Slate
Shimmery Beige
Matte Nude
Matte Taupe
Matte Black

I know what you are thinking. Valentine's Day makeup is usually pinks and purples. That is true but what screams love like a matte red? This palette has the ability to help you create a sexy Valentine's Day look that screams sultry. Priced at $7.50 who could pass this bad girl up?

The Sex Bomb Palette can currently be purchased on NYX's website. Below is the link to check it out.

I definitely want to add this palette to my beauty arsenal? How about you?

Lime Crime The Clueless Witch Collection

Lime Crime announced today that they are coming out with a new collection called the Clueless Witch.

It is inspired by the movies The Craft, Clueless and The Coven.

The collection includes 3 new Velvetines in Wicked, Black Velvet, and Salem.

The collection launches in March 2014, but a preview will be available at IMATS LA this weekend.

Whose excited for the new Clueless Witch Collection?

Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss

Aw Urban Decay you have done it again. You have increased our love yet again for the Naked line.

Urban Decay has released the Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss, which comes in 9 shades.

The shades are:

Beso - Deep Pink Mauve
Freestyle - Brown Nude with micro-shimmer
Liar - Soft Pink Mauve
Lovechild - Medium Pink
Naked - Nude Pink with a pearly pink shift
Nooner - Light Neutral Nude
Streak - Coral Peach
Rule34 - Medium Brown Nude

Urban Decay describes their new Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss as a luxe balm and a rich lipgloss in one. Some of the ingredients in the lipgloss are vitamin e, avocado oil, and shea butter.

They sound like they would be a great lipgloss. I love the packaging with the clear end so you can see the color. I am going to have to try one of these and probably only one for now since they retail for $20.

Click on the link below to check them out on Urban Decay's website

I think I may have to get Naked, Nooner, and Streak. What colors are you loving?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Another Yellow and Navy Look

This is an old post that somehow got missed. I created a navy and yellow look using the Coastal Scents 42 Double Stack Shimmer Palette.

I primed my lids with UDPP and Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Barely Beige.

I applied the white shimmer (1st row, 1st color) on my brow bone and inner corner.

Next I patted the yellow shimmer (3rd row, 1st color) on the first 3rd of my lid up to the crease.

Then I placed the navy shimmer (4th row, 7th color) on the remainder of my lid up to my crease and blended the yellow and navy shadows together.

I lined my top lid with L'Oreal's 24 Hr. Infallible liner in Espresso.

I then lined under my eye with the same navy shimmer that I used above.

I curled my lashes and applied Covergirl's Lash Blast Mascara.

Do you own either the 42 matte or shimmer Double Stack Palettes from Coastal Scents?

Kat Von D Esperanza Palette

Kat Von D has released a limited edition palette that is called the Esperanza palette.

The Esperanza palette is a spring palette that comes with 8 eyeshadows, which are:

Selena - Purple Glitter
Dayglo - White Iridescent
Galore - Peach Pearl
Placebo - Pink Matte
Santeria - Green Gray Glitter
Archangel - Green Sparkle
South - Beige Matte
Dog Roses - Bronze Sparkle

It is $36 and is available at Sephora.

What do you think of the Kat Von D Esperanza Palette?

MAC Haul

Have you ever taken a trip to a store with the intention of only picking up a specific item and come out of the store with 10 more things?

I think we all have. 

Recently I did that at MAC. 

I went in with the intention of only picking up the Warm Neutral Palette. Then I saw that they had one of the holiday pigment and glitter sets so I grabbed that. Then I decided to have one of the MAC girls do my foundation and powder. This ended up with me buying the foundation and powder. 

Then I figured I am already spending so much money that I might as well go all out. So I grabbed a Painterly Paint Pot, Viva Glam 2 Lipstick, a big bottle of Fix +, and a Superb Highlighter. 

I must say that I had avoided buying MAC in the past for a reason, because now I am so in love that I want to buy everything MAC. Aw girl makeup problems. Sigh. 

What is a MAC product that you can't live without?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

NYX Butter Lipsticks are here!

Whose else is excited for NYX Butter Lipsticks?

Well the wait is over. NYX has released the Butter Lipsticks and they are currently available on NYX's website and Ulta. 

They are available in 22 different shades ranging from nude, pinks, peaches, to reds. They are $6 each. 

Have you picked up any of the Butter Lipsticks from NYX?

New NYX Hot Single Eyeshadow

NYX has announced the release of their new Hot Singles Eyeshadow. 

They come in 88 shades which range from neutral to edgy. They come in cute black packaging which has a bow on the snap. They are $4.50 each and can currently be purchased on NYX's website. 

MAC Warm Neutral and Cool Neutral Palettes

I have been wanting to try MAC eyeshadows forever, but have found it kind of hard to spend $20 on a single shadow. 

I just found out that MAC has two palettes that come with 15 eyeshadows each. One is called Warm Neutral and the other is Cool Neutral. I am loving the Warm Neutral. Each is available at MAC stores and MAC's website. They are $100 each. That is a great deal for 15 eyeshadows when it is normally $20 per eyeshadow. 

These are the shades in the Warm Neutral Palette: Hey, Warm Breeze, Gingersnap, Dark Brew, Dance in the Dark, Brule Vanilla Extract, Honey Lust, Amber Lights, Saddle, Lemon Tart, Butterfudge, Creative Copper, Unwind and Divine Decadence. 

These are the shades in the Cool Neutral Palette: Flounce, Sweet Allure, Sun Tweaked, Blackberry, After Dusk, Pick Me Up, Crushed Clove, Cozy Grey, Deception, Brun, Silver Fog, French Clay, Cumulus, Pearled Earth and Black Tied. 

What do you think of the Warm and Cool Neutral Palettes from MAC? Will you be getting one of them or both of them?

Tarte Cheek Stain Collector's Vault

Tarte has released a new limited edition Cheek Stain Collector's Vault and it's available at Sephora.

This Collector's Set contains 8 cheek stains.

Blushing Bride
True Love
Natural Beauty

The set is $150.00. You can check it out on Sephora's website via the link below.

Will you be purchasing this set? I think it's a little to pricey for me.

Sephora IT Palette - Color Spectrum

Sephora has released an IT Palette called Color Spectrum for Spring 2014.

The outside of the palette is lined in fabric with a chevron design. It is very colorful with its spring colors. It is actually what immediately drew me to the palette. I am a sucker for color.

The Color Spectrum IT Palette comes with 12 eyeshadows, a black eyeliner, and a dual makeup brush. The colors of the shadows range from neutrals, to spring colored, to black and white. All the colors that are needed to create a spring look.

The names of the shadows are:

Rich Chocolate
Bold Bronze
Radiant Pink
Prismatic Purple
Brilliant Yellow
Iridescent Green
Magnetic Aqua
Blue Crystal
Vivid White
Charcoal Black
Soft Nude
Luminous Nude

Sephora refers to Vivid White and Charcoal Black as the eyeliners, Soft Nude as the base, and Luminous Nude as the highlighter.

The palette is $32 and can be purchased at Sephora stores and Below is the direct link to check out the palette.

This palette is just the start of makeup items that are starting to be released for Spring. Is it Spring yet?

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette - Haute Cocoa Recreation

I used my Chocolate Bar Palette to recreate Haute Cocoa.

Haute Cocoa is one of three looks that can be created using the How-To Glamour Guide that comes with the Chocolate Bar Palette.

This look uses Champagne Truffle, Cherry Cordial, Creme Brulee, and Haute Cocoa.

Here's how to create Haute Cocoa:

1. Apply Champagne Truffle from brow bone to crease (this makes up all of the shimmer or glow that you can see in the pictures).

2. Pat Cherry Cordial on the inner and outer lid.

3. Press Creme Brulee on the center of the lid (in between where you patted Cherry Cordial).

4. Apply Haute Cocoa to the crease.

5. Apply your eyeliner to your top lid.

6. Line under your eye in the same manner you lined your lid. Cherry Cordial, Creme Brulee, and Cherry Cordial. I added this step.

7. Curl your lashes and apply mascara. I used Urban Decay Super Curling Mascara.

Voila! You have recreated Haute Cocoa and you now smell delicious and look beautiful.

Have you picked up the Chocolate Bar Palette? Have you recreated any looks from the How-To Glamour Guide?

Sephora Collection - Je T'aime Izak Brush Set

With Valentine's Day around the corner, how cute are the new Je'T'aime Izak Brush Set from the Sephora Collection?

This brush set is a limited edition set with the designs of Izak Zenou.

The set includes:

A Powder Brush
An Angled Brush
A Shadow Brush
A Crease Brush
An Angled Liner Brush
A Brush Case

The set is priced at $36.

Get yours at Sephora.

What do you think? Is love in the air?

99 Cent Store Haul

I have this 99 cent store which I have been going to for about 8 years.

It is kind of a hole in the wall and isn't well known, but I believe that it is family owned. They always have the cutest accessories and the range from 79 cents up to $9.99 for purses, and other higher priced items.

I went there before Christmas and found so much cute stuff that it became a haul.

The first items I picked up were necklaces.

I ended up getting six. I picked up a clover heart and locket, a carriage, a butterfly, a turtle, a purse, and a cameo necklace. All of these necklaces were a dollar and under.

Next I moved onto the bracelets and found a cute multicolor flower bangle. I also picked up a set of neon bracelets. All of these also under a dollar.

Next I moved onto the rings. I got a pink bow, a peacock, a heart, and a yellow butterfly. These are all adjustable rings and each was under a dollar.

I moved onto hair accessories which first consisted of headbands. I love bows and yellow so of course I had to pick up these two yellow bow headbands. I also picked up these two flower headbands which are sunflowers and yellow roses. All of these were also under a dollar.

Moving onto other hair accessories I picked up butterfly clips, black hair ties, and a yellow bow. All of these under a dollar.

Who could buy jewelry without picking up some earrings? I bought three different dangling earrings. I bought four sets of post earrings which consisted of butterflies, bows, crosses, and squares. These were also under a dollar.

Finally the makeup. I picked up this cute Hello Kitty Bucket which is perfect for makeup brushes. I got three makeup bags which are yellow with lips and lipsticks. I picked up two sets of nail decorations which are sequins and bows that are perfect to add to eye looks. I bought two blush palettes by Princessa and Cherimoya, which are surprisingly pigmented. I got a Starry black gel eyeliner which works well so far. I also picked up 4 Jumbo Eye Pencils by Princessa which have the prettiest glitter packaging. I also picked up a white pencil by Cherimoya which will work great as an eye base. Also a Santee Nude Lip Color Pencil. Some of these items ranged from $1-$2.

In this haul I also got a bunch of socks and scarves that weren't pictured. I feel that I got a lot of great items for a great price. I love my 99 cent store and will continue to shop there. 

Do you ever shop at 99 cent stores? What kind of items have you hauled?