Sunday, December 8, 2013

BH Cosmetics Concealer & Corrector Palette - 1st Look

Another product that BH Cosmetics recently released is a Concealer & Corrector Palette.

One neat feature of this palette is that it is purse size friendly. A lot of concealer palettes out there are big and bulky. This one can easily fit in your purse and can be used for everyday or travel.

The Concealer and Corrector Palettes come in three different shades, which are light, medium, and dark. They contain 3 concealer and 3 corrector shades. They help to cover flaws, redness, imperfections, dark circles, and acne scars.

They are a must have for any makeup lover or wearer. Below is the link to check it out on BH's website. They are currently $4.95.

First impressions of the BH Concealer & Corrector Palettes? I have used mine already and I am happy with it. It holds up to any other concealer palette out there on the market.

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