Thursday, November 14, 2013

Too Faced's A Few of my Favorite Things - Easy Neutral Look

I have a confession to make.

Lately I have been neglecting my blog and I think it is because I am addicted to Instagram. No, seriously, I mean full on addiction. I can't help it I love posting pictures and realized I had a problem when I haven't been blogging in weeks and I have about 20 different blog drafts.

Having this new perspective, accepting my addiction (acceptance is the 1st step or wait isn't it admitting?) oh well, you get the point I have decided that I must catch up on blogging, better yet I will.

A lot has happened since recent posts in the makeup world. I have purchased some new products, which I might add have already been added to my Instagram and in the following weeks will be updated on my blog.

Now on to the good stuff. In addition to purchasing the Joy to the Girls Palette from Too Faced I picked up A Few of my Favorite Things Palette from Too Faced. I really like Too Faced products and when they kept coming out with Holiday Collections, well frankly I couldn't stop myself, but I have some restraint as I only own 2 out of the 5 holiday sets.

The A Few of My Favorite Things Palette is similar to the Joy to the Girls Palette in that it contains a lot of neutral shades. But one difference is that it has many color shades also and contains more shadows and heck it's a little more expensive, but gosh it's worth it.

A couple of weeks ago I created an easy neutral look with this palette, but am not sure I remember how I did it. Give me a minute....

Ok I had to pull out the palette to look at it. So without any further delay here is how I created the look below:

I applied a mixture of Coquet and Taffy to the first 2/3 of my lid up to the crease

Then I applied Cream Colored Ponies to my brow bone

Next I applied Buche de Noel to my the outer corner and outer crease and then darkened it up with Woolen Mittens

I just love the names of the shadows, don't you?

Did you pick up this palette yet? Thoughts?

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