Friday, November 29, 2013

Shany Cosmetics iLookbooks

I haven't visited Shany Cosmetic's website for awhile so I decided to check them out.

The first thing that caught my eye was these two new palettes called iLookbooks. Right when I saw the packaging I fell in love. The first palette called the iLookBook Pro Ultra Compact HD Makeup Kit (I don't think I will be trying to say that name 3 times fast) is currently $34.

It contains 75 eyeshadows that are highly pigmented, 4 blushes, and 4 face powders. According to Shany Cosmetics the colors in this palette were chosen based on the Fall 2013 NY Fashion week which will be trending in 2014.

Right away I knew I would want this palette it is so cute and looks just like my Mac Book Pro. Very clever Shany, very clever indeed.

The second iLookBook is called the iLookBook Ultra Compact HD Makeup Kit (Another name I won't be saying 3 times fast). It is priced at $40. It contains 35 eyeshadow colors. The shadows again are highly pigmented and contain colors that will be trending in 2014. This palette reminds me of the Sephora and Pantone Universe Palettes.

I think I want them both just based on how cute the packaging is. What do you think of the iLookBooks?

They are on sale right now for Black Friday at 50% off. To purchase them click here iLookBooks

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