Sunday, November 24, 2013

Philosophy Lip Glosses 2012

For the last two years I have been collecting the holiday collections from Philosophy. These are the ones that contain 4 body washes and 4 matching lip glosses.

I haven't yet purchased this year's collection so in anticipation of it I have taken a quick flashback to last year's collection. As you can see from the picture only one of them has been opened.

I like Philosophy products. I think that they smell great. The lip glosses have a nice smooth texture and are long lasting. For me the body washes/shampoos work best as body washes. I find that using them as shampoos makes it hard for me to brush my hair. Let's face it you want to use them as shampoos to get that great smell and frankly if you use a regular conditioner it is going to mask that smell. I have long hair and therefore find using them as shampoos useless, but I love them as body washes they leave you smelling delectable.

So far my favorite philosophy lip gloss is Sparkling Pomegranate (Holiday 2011 Collection).

Have you used Philosophy Lip Glosses? What is your favorite?

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