Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoos - Gilded in Gold

I am addicted to Maybelline Color Tattoos.

I have been using them daily for the past couple of years. They work great as an eye base for me and typically don't crease and if they do it's after 8 hours.

Everytime I see the new line of Color Tattoos that Maybelline releases I think "oh great another line of limited edition color tattoos, I have to have these." This is exactly what happened when I first got wind of the Gilded in Gold Collection. Then when I heard that they were all matte I wanted them even more. The majority of the Maybelline Color Tattoos are shimmer.

This is around that time I am dreading the tedious run around from store to store hunting for these bad boys. I usually either get discouraged and defeated and decide to buy them on ebay where someone out there has succeeded in finding them when I was unable to. This usually results in paying a more hefty price whereas I could have bought 3-4 sets for the same price had I been able to find them in the store.

Anyway where was I? Oh yeah, the new collection that was released for Fall 2013 is called Gilded in Gold. It contains 3 matte shades. They are Just Beige, Matte Brown, and Nude Pink. I was unable to find them in the stores even though they can be found at select Walgreens, CVS, and Bed Bath and Beyond ranging anywhere from $5.99 to $10.99 each. As you can probably guess I bought mine on ebay.

I just started using them and so far I can say that they are very pigmented, creamy, and apply effortlessly. It is nice for once to have a good eye base that isn't shimmer, especially when trying to create a matte look.

Are you a lover of Maybelline Color Tattoos? Do you have the Gilded in Gold Collection? Thoughts?

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