Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kleancolor Artsy Tabloid

Kleancolor is a brand similar to Profusion Cosmetics that can be found in different places. I have seen Kleancolor at 99 cent stores,, Ross, and  Kleancolor's website.

They are a local company based out of Orange County. They are an affordable beauty company with pigmented eyeshadows. They work wonderfully when placed on top of great primers and bases. I would compare them to e.l.f., Profusion Cosmetics, and other drug store brands. I am in love with their nail polish and think I own at least 40 of them.

When I was at my local Ross yesterday perusing the aisles I was drawn to this Beauty Book by Kleancolor. The cover is what got me. It is such a cute idea to have a Beauty Book that looks like the cover of a magazine. Purely genius. It is definitely appealing to girls, women, and beauty lovers alike.

So I opened up the Artsy Tabloid my Kleancolor, it is the #2 Trend Issue, by the way. I was immediately overwhelmed by the beautiful shimmery glittery colors. On the left hand side of the book there is an instructional that tells you how to apply the shades. Also, it tells you the shades the work best for each eye color and it contains a mirror. Mine was actually missing the sponge applicators, which is no biggie as I don't use them anyway.

On the right side of the palette you have 35 eyeshadows that are reminiscent of pastel spring colors with some neutrals. In addition the design on the shadows is adorable. They have flowers and butterflies which is a plus. The palette also contains three blushes which are very pigmented too.

Honestly, I just like looking at this palette and am probably going to find it hard to make myself use it for fear of ruining the cute butterflies and flowers on the shadows. I know, I am weird. If I can give in to using the shadows I will definitely do some swatches.

This palette is available at Ross and Kleancolor's webiste. I purchased mine at Ross for $4.99, but believe they are $9.99 on Kleancolor's website.

A downside of the palette that deserves some mentioning is that while it may be adorable, the shadows are placed in a geometric sort of pan similar to that of e.l.f.'s geometric palettes. This may not be favorable to some as it makes grabbing the product slightly harder.

First impressions of the palette?

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