Thursday, November 14, 2013

Coastal Scents Revealed Palette

Are you sitting down? If not you might want to go ahead and sit down.


Coastal Scents announced today that they have released a neutral palette, which consists of 20 neutral and metallic eyeshadows called the Revealed Palette. Instantly when I first saw this palette I thought hmm this reminds me of the Naked Palettes. A lot of the eyeshadows look similar to the Naked Palettes based on the picture and they are shaped the same way. Interesting.

I have a feeling this may be intentional and well who can blame them. For one, Urban Decay just confirmed the existence of the Naked 3 Palette and two, it is the holidays. Either way I love palettes and  I love Coastal Scents so I could care less about the comparisons. My only concern is when I will be able to purchase the Revealed Palette so that I can try it out.

The Revealed Palette is currently $19.95 and can be purchased on Coastal Scents website via this link

First impressions of the Revealed Palette?

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