Friday, November 29, 2013

e.l.f. Studio Holiday Clutch

I never really liked the original e.l.f. Clutch. I couldn't become friends with the pigment of those eyeshadows. I was a little skeptical when I saw that e.l.f. had released another clutch for the holidays. Until I saw that it was all neutral shades. They reminded me of the neutrals in some of the e.l.f. beauty books so I figured I would give this clutch a go.

The 47 Piece Total Face Studio Holiday Clutch is similar to the original clutch in that it has the same packaging, but is white. With this clutch all of the eyeshadows are neutrals. The clutch comes with the following:

-32 Eyeshadows
-3 Eyeshadow Applicators
-2 Blushes
-1 Bronzer
-1 Face Shimmer
-6 Lip Colors
-1 Eyebrow Powder
-1 Eyebrow Cream

I can honestly say that I am completely happy with the palette. In my opinion, it is way better than the original clutch in terms of the pigmentation of the eyeshadows. I have already used it to create a look which is posted below. I will let you be the judge of the quality of the eyeshadows based on the picture below.

The clutch is available at on sale for $10. It is also available at select Targets.

Have you picked up any of the e.l.f. Holiday items? I feel like they have a great holiday collection this year.

Shany Cosmetics iLookbooks

I haven't visited Shany Cosmetic's website for awhile so I decided to check them out.

The first thing that caught my eye was these two new palettes called iLookbooks. Right when I saw the packaging I fell in love. The first palette called the iLookBook Pro Ultra Compact HD Makeup Kit (I don't think I will be trying to say that name 3 times fast) is currently $34.

It contains 75 eyeshadows that are highly pigmented, 4 blushes, and 4 face powders. According to Shany Cosmetics the colors in this palette were chosen based on the Fall 2013 NY Fashion week which will be trending in 2014.

Right away I knew I would want this palette it is so cute and looks just like my Mac Book Pro. Very clever Shany, very clever indeed.

The second iLookBook is called the iLookBook Ultra Compact HD Makeup Kit (Another name I won't be saying 3 times fast). It is priced at $40. It contains 35 eyeshadow colors. The shadows again are highly pigmented and contain colors that will be trending in 2014. This palette reminds me of the Sephora and Pantone Universe Palettes.

I think I want them both just based on how cute the packaging is. What do you think of the iLookBooks?

They are on sale right now for Black Friday at 50% off. To purchase them click here iLookBooks

Playing with the Masterpiece

I once again have been guilty of not keeping up with my blog posts. I have some drafts that were composed a couple of weeks ago so I am working to get them all posted.

I did a look using the Masterpiece 7 Layer Palette from Shany Cosmetics. The layer pictured below is the Until Sunset layer. It is one of my favorite with brights, pinks, purples, yellows, and oranges. It can now be purchased as a separate palette for $15 on Shany's website via the link below

For the look I created I also used:

-Flower BB Cream in Shade BB1
-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-e.l.f. Blush in Diva
-Anastasia Eyebrow Pencil in Brunette
-Jordana 12 Hr Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencil in Evermore
-Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
-Avon SuperSHOCK Eyeliner in Blackened Metal
-La Colors Powder in Nude

For this look I used a combination of two different pinks and a purple from the palette.

I love the pink and purple combo? What do you think? Have you heard of Shany Cosmetics?

Avon Holiday Haul

Time to share another haul. I recently purchased a couple holiday items from Avon because they had a great deal on their bath and body items. I can't remember the exact sale but I know I ended up getting some items for free. I think it worked out to 10 items for $10.

I picked up the body spray (2 of each) , lotion, and body wash (2 of each) of the Winter Berry and Orange and Ginger scents.

I also picked up the Candylicious lip glosses in Pink Frosting, Gingerbread, and Candied Peach. They smell awesome and look very pretty on the lips.

Lastly, I had to pick up some of the Halloween and Christmas lip balms. I picked up Frosty Cinnamon, Candy Brew, Batty Butterscotch, Pumpkin Spice, and Spooky Caramel. These are very inexpensive and also smell great.

The whole haul only cost me around $25 including shipping.

What are your favorite Avon products? Have you purchased any of Avon's holiday items?

Thanksgiving Makeup

Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without the perfect Thanksgiving makeup.

When I think of the colors that represent Thanksgiving, I think orange, yellow, gold, and brown. These are the exact same colors that I used to create my Thanksgiving inspired makeup.

Some of the products I used:

-Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer
-Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
-Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation & Powder
-Urban Decay Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer Potion
-Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded
-Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara
-Sephora Color Anthology Eyeshadow Palette
-Tarte Off the Cuff Blush Palette
-Too Faced Glitter Glue
-NYX Glitter Mania in Gold
-OCC Lip Tar in Grandma
-Almay Brown Topaz Eyeliner
-L'Oreal 24 Hr. Infallible Eyeliner in Espresso

Using Sephora's Color Anthology Eyeshadow Palette I applied the following (based on the picture above)

Brow Bone - Matte White (1st row, 2nd color)

Inner Corner - Yellow Satin (2nd row, 7th color)

1st Third of the Lid - Orange Glitter (5th row, 7th color)

Middle of the Lid - Gold Shimmer (4th row, 7th color)

Outer Corner - Brown Shimmer (4th row, 5th color) and Brown Matte (5th row, 5th color)

NYX Gold Glitter placed all over the lid

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Lime Crime Launches Pink Velvet

Lime Crime released their Pink Velvet Velvetine this morning. I have been trying to access their website for the past couple hours and have been unable to due to all of the traffic to the site.

I was finally able to get in and it was showing as sold out. It was selling for $20 and you are able to enter your email address in order to be notified when it is again in stock. Lime Crime released an update stating that there is enough product still but that they have been experiencing issues with their website. They have extended their Black Friday Sale through Saturday. Yay! Pink Velvet is still available.

Have you gotten your Pink Velvet?

Black Friday Deals

Everyone knows Black Fridays are crazy. There is no denying that. Thankfully a lot of companies offer a lot of great Black Friday deals online, which of course eliminate lines and crowds that are at the stores.

Below are Black Friday deals from some of my favorite stores/brands.

25% off in stores and online

Wet Seal
Buy 1 item and regular price, receive the 2nd item at 80% off + Free Shipping

Various items at $10

Urban Decay
Badass Lip Set (6 lipsticks) for $50

e.l.f. Cosmetics
Buy 1 item at regular price, get the 2nd item at 50% off + a free $10 gift card

BH Cosmetics
Various makeup bundles on sale + the release of the Special Occasion Palette

Sugarpill Pink Weekend Sale
All items on sale from 20%-50% off

Coastal Scents
All items are 50% off, the Revealed Palette is sold out :(

Lime Crime
Launch of Pink Velvet, I haven't been able to access their website it appears to be down :(

Are you one of the brave ones that will be venturing out into the stores? What do you have your eye on for Black Friday? Have you seen any good deals?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sephora Hauling

A necessary part of being a beauty addict, I mean beauty blogger is hauls.

It is so important to be able to buy new products to share with your readers for a couple of reasons.

One, sometimes others haven't heard of a product's release and you buying it gives it exposure. I can't count the number of times I never knew an item existed until I read someone's blog or watched someone's Youtube channel.

Two, with all of the technology available now days others can see a product someone else has bought. They can decide based on how it looks in pictures or the review given on it that it is worth spending their hard earned money on.

I honestly have always loved shopping and really don't need an excuse to haul, but now I look forward to sharing my purchases and opinions with others who shares my likes.

Onto the good stuff:

I haven't been in Sephora lately and just happened to be in the mall and decided that I would just go in and check it out. Well my first whim was to buy one palette, which became a couple more items. My Sephora trips whether online or in store never seem to be cheap. I am sure many of you can relate.

On display was the Sephora Color Anthology Palette. I love color and if I see something sparkly, let's just say I hear it calling my name. This palette is so versatile. It contains matte, shimmer, satin, glitter, and duochrome shadows. The majority of the shadows are shimmer though. The colors range from brights to neutrals. The packaging is sturdy and contains a good size mirror.

Swatches to follow in the next coming days :)

I mentioned in a previous post that for the last couple of years I have been collecting the Philosophy Holiday gift sets. The packaging got me right away. How cute is this adorable Gingerbread House box? The box alone is worth $42 in my opinion. What sealed the deal for me was that the body washes and lip glosses were on display and of course I had to smell them. They were divine and hence I decided the gift set was mine.

Sephora recently started carrying the full sized OCC Lip Tars. So yeah you guessed it I had to get one. I have never tried them and have been waiting forever to try one of them out. I got the shade in Grandma and yeah it's gorgeous. I am definitely adding more Lip Tars to my collection in the future. I can see what all of the hype is about.

Lastly while checking out I hit over 500 reward points and picked up the Laura Mercier Flawless Classics Set. It contains a Face Polish, Primer, Tinted Moisturizer, Setting Powder, Fan Brush, and a Lip Glace in Rose. I have been wanting to try Laura Mercier products and figured what better way than to try a bunch at once for free!

This concludes my lengthy haul. I am pretty sure it took longer to type this thing to buy these items ;) Do you own any of these items? If so, what are your thoughts? What have you hauled lately?

New Special Occasion Eyeshadow & Blush Palette from BH Cosmetics

Am I the only one out there that feels that everywhere you look or turn lately there is a new palette being released?

Don't get me wrong I love palettes and I love collecting them even more, but this can easily become a slippery slope. Even if the palette isn't so expensive that it will break the bank, it still costs money. A palette here, a palette there, they quickly start to accumulate and that means money spent adding up.

Maybe this sudden rush of palettes being released is purely contingent upon the holidays being right around the corner. Also, Black Friday sales are popping up and new items are being released.

Such is the case with this palette by BH Cosmetics called the Special Occasion Eyeshadow and Blush Palette. It is being released tomorrow and as you can tell form the picture it contains 30 eyeshadows and 9 blushes. Not sure of the price yet but we shall know tomorrow when it is released. I am guessing it will be between $9.95 and $14.95.

I already see this palette as being a dilemma for me. First, I love BH Cosmetics. Second, I love palettes. Third, I am a sucker for palettes that contain multiple beauty items. The way I see it is that is three strikes and I honestly don't stand a chance. Once I received the email below from BH Cosmetics I knew I was doomed.

So, my fellow makeup addicts and makeup lovers, do you suffer from this dilemma? What do you think of the Special Occasion Eyeshadow & Blush Palette from BH Cosmetics?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV - Baked

Baked and Half Baked are two of my favorite Urban Decay Colors. They are pretty golds. The re-release of the Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV on Urban Decay's website and Ulta's recently prompted me to dig mine out of hiding.

Below is the look that ensued. Please forgive my clumpy lashes :) For some reason I have found that when I use Benefit's They're Real Mascara after awhile it starts clumping on me and below is the outcome. Try to appreciate Baked.

Did you already have this palette before the re-release?

Sweet Indulgence - Pink and Navy or Cop a Teal, Gum Drop?

Last Christmas Too Faced came out with a holiday collection called Sweet Indulgence. Being that it is almost Christmas I decided to dig it out recently to create a Pink and Navy look.

For this look I used Gum Drop and Cop a Teal. Maybe I should have named this look Cop a Teal, Gum Drop?

Who knew Pink and Navy could compliment each other. Do you have this palette? Thoughts?

New e.l.f. - Palettes, BB Cream, and Polishes

Dear e.l.f.,

Why must you always do this to me? You always release new products. Sometimes faster than I am ready for. I haven't even finished digging into all of my holiday e.l.f. goodies. At least you always have deals, which helps me not become completely broke.


Your biggest fan

Honestly though this really is how I feel in maybe a slightly less comical way. It seems like every time I turn around there are new e.l.f. products. Such as 5 new palettes, BB cream, and a nail polish cube. Let's take a closer look...

e.l.f. Studio 56 Piece Natural Makeup Palette - $15
e.l.f. Studio 111 Piece Everyday Palette - $25

e.l.f. Studio 178 Piece Ultimate Makeup Palette - $40
e.l.f. Studio 50 Piece Makeup Artist Palette - $15

e.l.f. Studio 22 Piece Mini on the Go Palette - $10

e.l.f. Studio BB Cream with SPF 20

e.l.f. Essential 15 Piece Nail Polish Cube - $12

To make these items even more enticing e.l.f. is currently having a 50% off sale on Studio items. I am loving the e.l.f. Studio 56 Piece Natural Makeup Palette and the BB Cream. Those are most haves. What items do you like?

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

You know that feeling when you see something and right away you know you have to have it?

I feel like I get that feeling a lot when it comes to makeup, specifically when it comes to palettes, they are my obsession. Today, I got a sneak peek of an upcoming palette from Too Faced called the Chocolate Bar Palette. I have heard that the shadows even smell like chocolate. Hmm...interesting. The packaging of the palette also looks like a chocolate bar. 

The Chocolate Bar Palette will be released in December for $49 and will be sold at Sephora, Ulta, and Too Faced's website. 

Whose hungry? Is it December yet?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Beautifully Disney New Fantasy in Flight Collection

Beautifully Disney has released a new collection for the holidays called Fantasy in Flight.

The collection was released yesterday, November 23rd at Vault 28 at Downtown Disney.

The Fantasy in Flight Collection Includes:

-Fantasy in Flight Eyeshadow Palette

-Nail Polish - Star Struck, Something Sassy, Spriteful, Wish Come True

-Lip Gloss - Pouty Pixie and Star Glow

-Blush - Dreamy Pink and Satin Peach

-Mascara in Black

-5 Piece Brush Set

-Beauty Essentials Gift Set - 2 mini lip glosses, 2 eyeshadows, black eyeliner, mini mascara, and cosmetic bag

What do you think of the Fantasy in Flight Collection? I feel like the palette, blushes, and lip glosses are calling my name.

Hello Kitty Target Haul

Target + Hello Kitty + $1 = Trouble

I am sure some of can relate.

I was at Target last week looking for the Pixi Alchemy Metallic Magic Palette, which by the way I have yet to find.

Not being able to find the palette I decided my trip to Target was not going to be a waste. I did what any sensible girl would do and I visited the $1 bins. I love those things. In the front there was an end cap display which had all Hello Kitty stuff.

You know what I did?

I started grabbing.

I picked up a cute Hello Kitty shopping bag, a Hello Kitty Necklace and matching bracelet, and some Hello Kitty hair bows. I know what you may or may not be thinking. Isn't this stuff for kids? Sure and it is also for the kid at heart. I have no problem rocking kid jewelry and hair items. I do it all the time and have been doing it for years. I don't think there is anything wrong with it.

I do have to mention that the necklace is a choker on me, but that's ok. Eventually I may remove the Hello Kitty charm and put it on another necklace. My whole trip only cost me $4. There was a lot of Hello Kitty art items too, but I passed on those this time.

What do you think of the Target $1 bins and better yet what do you think of these Hello Kitty items? Will you be rushing to Target to pick them up?

Kleancolor Artsy Tabloid

Kleancolor is a brand similar to Profusion Cosmetics that can be found in different places. I have seen Kleancolor at 99 cent stores,, Ross, and  Kleancolor's website.

They are a local company based out of Orange County. They are an affordable beauty company with pigmented eyeshadows. They work wonderfully when placed on top of great primers and bases. I would compare them to e.l.f., Profusion Cosmetics, and other drug store brands. I am in love with their nail polish and think I own at least 40 of them.

When I was at my local Ross yesterday perusing the aisles I was drawn to this Beauty Book by Kleancolor. The cover is what got me. It is such a cute idea to have a Beauty Book that looks like the cover of a magazine. Purely genius. It is definitely appealing to girls, women, and beauty lovers alike.

So I opened up the Artsy Tabloid my Kleancolor, it is the #2 Trend Issue, by the way. I was immediately overwhelmed by the beautiful shimmery glittery colors. On the left hand side of the book there is an instructional that tells you how to apply the shades. Also, it tells you the shades the work best for each eye color and it contains a mirror. Mine was actually missing the sponge applicators, which is no biggie as I don't use them anyway.

On the right side of the palette you have 35 eyeshadows that are reminiscent of pastel spring colors with some neutrals. In addition the design on the shadows is adorable. They have flowers and butterflies which is a plus. The palette also contains three blushes which are very pigmented too.

Honestly, I just like looking at this palette and am probably going to find it hard to make myself use it for fear of ruining the cute butterflies and flowers on the shadows. I know, I am weird. If I can give in to using the shadows I will definitely do some swatches.

This palette is available at Ross and Kleancolor's webiste. I purchased mine at Ross for $4.99, but believe they are $9.99 on Kleancolor's website.

A downside of the palette that deserves some mentioning is that while it may be adorable, the shadows are placed in a geometric sort of pan similar to that of e.l.f.'s geometric palettes. This may not be favorable to some as it makes grabbing the product slightly harder.

First impressions of the palette?

Philosophy Lip Glosses 2012

For the last two years I have been collecting the holiday collections from Philosophy. These are the ones that contain 4 body washes and 4 matching lip glosses.

I haven't yet purchased this year's collection so in anticipation of it I have taken a quick flashback to last year's collection. As you can see from the picture only one of them has been opened.

I like Philosophy products. I think that they smell great. The lip glosses have a nice smooth texture and are long lasting. For me the body washes/shampoos work best as body washes. I find that using them as shampoos makes it hard for me to brush my hair. Let's face it you want to use them as shampoos to get that great smell and frankly if you use a regular conditioner it is going to mask that smell. I have long hair and therefore find using them as shampoos useless, but I love them as body washes they leave you smelling delectable.

So far my favorite philosophy lip gloss is Sparkling Pomegranate (Holiday 2011 Collection).

Have you used Philosophy Lip Glosses? What is your favorite?

Sugarpill Red + Blue = Purple

When I want a vibrant look that will stand out I use Sugarpill eyeshadows. Recently I decided to create a look I call Red + Blue = Purple. This look was created using all 3 Sugarpill Palettes. 

From the Burning Heart Palette I used Love + which is the red. 

From the Sweetheart Palette I used Afterparty which is the blue. 

From the Heart Breaker palette I used 2am which is the purple. 

Have you tried Sugarpill eyeshadows yet?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette is Here!

Good Morning Everyone and what a great morning it is. The moment we beauty addicts have been waiting for...

The wait is finally over!

Urban Decay released the Naked 3 Palette this morning. Currently it is only available on Urban Decay's website at for $52. 

I have to place my order. Will you be placing yours?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Milani Shadow Eyez Holiday Romance Collection

Just in time for the holidays. 

Milani has released a collection of Shadow Eyez called Holiday Romance. This is a limited edition collection. 

The Holiday Romance collection contains 6 new colors:

13 - Charming Black (Black with Silver Shimmer)

14 - Lovely Frost (Metallic Silver)

15 - Midnight Romance (Purple with Silver Shimmer)

16 - Snowy White (Matte White)

17 - Plum Amour (Pearl Plum)

18 - Romantic Violet (Pearl Violet)

Each Shadow Eyez is $6.99 and can be purchased on Milani's website

Finally a matte white Shadow Eyez. I want to try Snowy White, Lovely Frost, and Midnight Romance. Will you be picking up any of the Holiday Romance Collection? 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Halloween - Ariel Inspired Look

What better way to get into the Halloween spirt than to dress up?

This past Halloween I decided to dress up as a mermaid. Below is my Ariel costume. I know I am in my thirties and still love Disney. So sue me.

Since I decided to be Ariel from A Little Mermaid for Halloween (P.S. I forgot to get the red wig) I knew I had to do some makeup. For my look I decided to use the Galaxy Chic Palette from BH Cosmetics and the Twilight lashes from Wet n Wild.

The Twilight lashes were very pretty as they were full of multicolor glitter. For the eye look:

I first applied Comet (mint green) to my lid

Then I applied Eclipse (mauve) to my crease

Finally I applied Neptune (navy blue) to my outer corner and crease

I applied my lashes and lined under my eyes with Comet, Eclipse, and Neptune

That's it I was instantly a mermaid who sang Part of Your World:

I've got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty
I've got who's-its and what's-its galore
You want thing-a-mabobs?
I've got twenty
But who cares? No big deal. I want more

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween

Did you dress up this past Halloween?