Sunday, October 20, 2013

Profusion Cosmetics - Perfect Ten Palette Swatches

I love 99 cent stores. Don't you? One of my favorites is the Dollar Tree. You can get some great stuff for only a dollar each. I love browsing the makeup section when I go. It's a must. 

I found a palette recently in my makeup collection that was actually from the dollar tree. It is by Profusion Cosmetics. 

If you haven't heard of Profusion Cosmetics then you are missing out. They have good quality shadows that are very pigmented. They can be found on their website at Also at Walgreens,, ebay, and the Dollar Tree, to name a few places where I have seen them. 

The pictures below are from one of their palettes called the Perfect Ten. It is a perfect palette for the fall. It contains brown, bronze, gold, orange, white, and burgundy. 

Profusion eyeshadows are good eyeshadows especially when applied over a good primer. They are very soft and therefore will crease easily. I use them occasionally but they are not my go to daily eyeshadows. 

Have you heard of Profusion? Thoughts?

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