Monday, October 28, 2013

Neutral Looks Never Get Old with the Trusty Urban Decay Naked Palette

I know that many will agree with me when I say that the Naked Palette by Urban Decay is not only one of the best neutral palettes on the market, but one of the best palettes ever made. More importantly a girl's best friend.

The Naked Palette by Urban Decay was released in Summer of 2010. This was before I became completely addicted, obsessed, and consumed with makeup. I finally heard about it and thought yeah that looks like a great palette, but I don't have $50 to spend on one makeup item and there are other palettes on the market that are comparable.

Yeah. There are other palettes out there by other well known makeup companies, but they aren't Urban Decay. This really is funny, but very true. It boils down to this you really get what you pay for. You can either spend $50 on 12 eyeshadows that are made by a reputable company that will last for hours or you can buy from another company for a fraction of the price and they will be less pigmented, may crease, and just won't have the same texture and look.

Don't get me wrong. Frequently I buy drugstore and other makeup brands and there is nothing wrong with that. But, if you really want some great neutral shadows for everyday wear than the Naked Palette or Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay are your best bet. If you don't believe me google the palette or check out other's reviews on Youtube. Trust me it's a great investment.

Below is a look I created using the palette:

Brow bone - Virgin
Crease - Naked
Lid - Half Baked
Inner Corner - Sin
Outer corner & outer crease - Dark Horse
Under the eye - Smog

Do you have the Naked Palette from Urban Decay? Do you agree it's the best neutral palette on the market? If not what is your favorite neutral palette?


  1. I totally agree dear. Naked is one of the best palettes that I have ever owned. Naked Basics is amazing too. Love the look that you came up with<3

    There are endless possibilities with this baby! Hehe.

  2. Naked palette rocks!