Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Crown Brush 36 Color Smokey Palette - Silver and Green

Typically Silver and Gold go together. Especially around the holidays. Or maybe I just think so because of the Silver and Gold song from the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer movie. 

The truth is Christmas is around the corner and why not get some holiday look ideas now. It is the perfect time with the release of all the holiday palettes. 

For my Silver and Green look I didn't use a holiday palette. I did use a palette though that is new to me that I haven't yet used. It is the Crown Brush 36 Color Smoky Palette. Is it smoky or smokey? I have seen it both ways. Anyway here is how to recreate the Silver and Green look that I did with the Crown Brush palette. 

Brow bone and inner for corner - White shimmer (1st row, 4th color)

1st third of the lid - Silver Shimmer (1st row, 6th color)

Middle of the lid - Yellow Green Shimmer (1st row, 5th color)

Outer corner and outer crease - Emerald Shimmer (2nd row, 6th color)

Finish your eyes by lining the top and bottom with your favorite eyeliners. Apply your favorite mascara and call it a day!

Silver and gold or silver and green? For me either works. 

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  1. That green is brilliant! I never know if it's smoky or smokey.