Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Beautifully Disney Enchanted Kiss Palette

Who knew Disney had a makeup line? I know that Disney and Sephora had collaborated in the past for Cinderella, Jasmine, and Ariel collections. I had no idea though that there was a makeup line by Disney entitled Beautifully Disney. 

 I first spotted this collection at a store called Vault 28 in Downtown Disney. The collection contains many lip glosses, 4 eyeshadow palettes, nail polishes, makeup bags, and makeup brushes. 

I was immediately tasked with having to decide which palette and lip gloss that I would buy as they are pricey. One eyeshadow palette is $28.95 and a lip gloss is I believe $14. I have vowed to one day collect them all just for the sake of being a collector. Ok maybe not because of the price, but it's a nice thought. 

The palettes have insanely beautiful artwork on the packaging. Enough so to make you want to collect them for this reason alone. I picked up the Enchanted Kiss palette, which is a neutral palette. 

 In terms of the eyeshadows they are mainly matte with the exception of the dark brown in the top right corner, it contains some glitter. The eyeshadows are pigmented, but I didn't find it different from any other eyeshadows out there on the market. The lip gloss I picked up is called Spell Breaker. It is a pretty pink that is matte and very pigmented. 

Overall I am pleased with the products, but just not sure that they are worth the price. I guess we are mainly paying for the Disney name. 

Here's how I created a look using the Enchanted Kiss Palette:

I applied the beige matte to my brow bone and inner corner. 

Next I applied the light brown matte to my crease. 

I applied the Salmon pink to my lid. 

Finally I applied the dark brown with glitter to my outer crease and outer lid. 

I applied my typical eyeliner and mascara. 

What do you think of the Beautifully Disney Collection? Do you own any of the products?


  1. I picked up that same palette when I was in Disney world a few months ago! I was really excited about this makeup collection :)

  2. It's a good palette. The collection is adorable. I just didn't think it was worth almost $30. The quality of the shadows didn't blow me away. How do you like the palette?

    1. I didn't think it was worth $30 either and I wasn't impressed by the quality. And I honestly don't think the quality is anywhere near the Disney storybook palettes they had a sephora so I was a little disappointed dispute my excitement about it lol!