Friday, October 18, 2013

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lavish Palette - Yummy Dancing Jewels

Today I was feeling lavish.

What does one do when they are feeling lavish, you ask?

The only sensible thing they can do they reach for their Lavish Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

The look I went for was a pink neutral or how I appropriately named it Yummy Dancing Jewels.

Rum Cake and Truffle = Yummy

Ballet = Dancing

Pink Sapphire = Jewels

Here's how to recreate this lavish Yummy Dancing Jewels (YDJ) look using your Lavish Palette:

Apply Cream (Matte Cream) to your brow bone

Apply Ballet (Baby Pink Matte with Silver Sparkles) to your inner corner

Take Rum Cake (Bronze Shimmer) and apply it to your crease

Pick up some Pink Sapphire (Pink Purple Shimmer) and pat all over your lid

Lastly take Truffle (Dark Brown Matte with Gold Shimmer) and blend into your outer crease and outer corner

Apply your eyeliner and mascara

To finish out my look I added a necklace with a polka dot pink bow, polka dot heart, and a clock. I am obsessed with coordinating my makeup, jewelry, and outfit, just call it my thing :)

What do you think of Yummy Dancing Jewels? So far I like this palette. I am going to keep using it so check back for another blog post in the future.

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