Sunday, September 8, 2013

Remembering the 80's - Phase 3

I hate to admit it but for now our blast back to the 80's has come to and end.

This is the 3rd phase and final look in my Remembering the 80's series. This is the look that I actually wore out to a party.

I wasn't sure how or what look I was going to create when I attempted to do an 80's inspired look. I decided to post the other two looks and make them part of a series because I feel that it is important to show how a look can progress. More importantly how with practice you can become better.

I was very pleased with how this look came out and I received many compliments when I wore this makeup out.

For this final look I decided to not use eyeliner and opted out of the orange eyeshadow all together.

I first applied the green gold shimmer to my eyelid (4th row, 2nd color)

Next I applied the bright pink shimmer to the crease (2nd row, 1st color)

Lastly I applied a yellow matte above the pink (3rd row, 3rd color)

For under the eye I used the pink, green, and yellow Jumbo Eye Pencils from City Color Cosmetics and then applied the same eyeshadows used above on top of them.

Finally I applied my Lash Blast Volume Mascara from Covergirl

This look also consisted of blush using NYX Mosaic Powder in Dare

Then I got dressed in my 80's attire which consisted of neon bangles, big yellow hoop earrings, yellow and white bead necklace, neon yellow over the shoulder shirt, black ruffle skirt, black lace leggings, and black converse shoes, and threw my hair in a pony tail held with a black scrunchy. 

This look is by far my favorite of the Remembering the 80's series. Which is yours?

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