Sunday, September 8, 2013

Remembering the 80's - Phase 2

Welcome back to the 80's.

As I mentioned in my last post I decided to revisit the 80's by creating an 80's inspired makeup look. My attempt to create an 80's look turned into creating 3 variations of a similar look.

This is the 2nd look or phase in the series.  

In an attempt to save time, I didn't reapply my face makeup as you can probably tell from the pictures. The main focus in this look was the eyes and as I knew I wasn't going to wear this look out and was solely for experimentation I didn't feel the need to do my face again. 

Are you ready? We are on our way to the 80's again...

For this look again I applied Scotch tape to the outer corner of my eye this time following my lower lash line out without the drastic upwards swoop.

I first applied the green gold shimmer to my eyelid (4th row, 2nd color)

Next I applied the bright pink shimmer to the crease (2nd row, 1st color)

Next I applied an orange matte above the crease from the 120 palette

Lastly I applied a yellow matte above the orange matte from the 120 palette

For under the eyes I applied yellow, orange, and pink Jumbo Eye Pencils from City Color Cosmetics. Then I applied the same, yellow matte, orange matte, and pink shimmer over the Jumbo Eye Pencils. 

I pulled the pink shadow under the eye out along the edge of the shadows on top of the lid as to create a more dramatic line.

I applied a little of Urban Decay's 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero under the lash line.

I then curled my lashes and applied Maybelline's Full and Soft Mascara in Black.

This is my second favorite look in this series. I liked the matte yellow and oranges as opposed to the shimmers in the last look. I also love the color gradient of the shadows (yellow, orange, and pink) which created a sunset effect.

Out of this look and the first look I created in my Remembering the 80's series, which do you prefer?

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