Monday, September 9, 2013

Ebay Flower Bib Necklaces

Let me just take a moment to thank the person who thought of the bib necklace. Aren't bib necklaces great?

I love them. They are trendy, fashionable, and are all the rage. Even more so they are a huge statement piece.

So you might be thinking what do bib necklaces have to do with makeup or beauty? While technically nothing in a direct sense, but when you really think about it makeup, fashion, clothing, shoes, and accessories go hand and hand. Think of it like peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese.

I use fashion as inspiration on almost a daily basis for my makeup. Call me a coordinator if you must. It's kind of my thing. I live to match.

These adorable necklaces were purchased by myself from China for a mere $6.39 each. You may even be able to get them cheaper if you bid on them as opposed to buying them now. I myself would rather buy something now if I have the option especially if it will only save me a couple bucks by bidding.

I ordered them sometime last week and received them in the mail today from China. Extremely fast shipping as I am in California.

The seller I ordered them from has them available in white, red, orange, pink, multicolor, yellow, and mint. I have seen other colors with other sellers. If you want to find other colors or variations ( I believe there is another necklace that comes with 5 or 6 flowers) then simply type flower bib necklace in the search bar on ebay.

Here is the link to the seller I purchased from:

What's your opinion on bib necklaces?


  1. These are the cutest!!! And so inexpensive, definitely checking these out!

    Lily |

  2. They really are adorable Liliana. You will love them. I always get the cutest inexpensive costume jewelry from Hong Kong and China via ebay. You won't be disappointed.