Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ebay 30 Eyeshadow Palette & 15 Cream Eyeshadow Palette

For the love of ebay.

I love ebay eyeshadow palettes. I have found many great palettes that are great quality and an even greater price.

Two palettes that I recently purchased are the 30 eyeshadow palette and a 15 cream eyeshadow palette. Below is a quick look that I created using both palettes.

30 Eyeshadow Palette

15 Cream Eyeshadow Palette

The 1st two pictures below are of my eyes only using the 15 cream eyeshadow palette for eye bases. I used the green on the lid (1st row, 2nd color), the yellow on the inner corner (3rd row, 2nd color), and the pink in the crease (1st row, 5th color).

The pictures below are of the final eye look using the 30 eyeshadow palette.

I applied all matte eyeshadows on the existing cream eyeshadows from the 15 eyeshadow palette that I used as bases.

Lid - Green Matte (2nd row, 3rd color, green on right side)

Inner Corner - Yellow Matte (3rd row, 1st color, yellow on left side)

Crease and under the eye - Pink Matte (1st row, 1st color, pink on the left side)

I used Starlooks Obsidian Kohl black eyeliner in to line my top lid, under my eye, and waterline.

I used benefit's They're Real Mascara and benefit's benetint on my cheeks.

As you can see from the pictures the eyeshadows from the 30 palette are very pigmented. My only concern thus far regarding the palettes is the 15 cream eyeshadow palette. I mentioned this in a previous post but I feel that they are kind of greasy for me due to the fact that I have oily lids and creasing will definitely happen. I haven't yet tried them again with a primer underneath, but I still think they will crease even when blended out.

Do you have either of these palettes? Opinions?

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