Sunday, September 15, 2013

BH Cosmetics Eyes on the '60s Palette & Neutral Pink Eyes of the Day

My how time can fly sometimes.

I have had my BH Cosmetics Eyes on the '60s palette for a couple of weeks now and only got around to using it last Friday. The palette has a lot of unique colors in it which really are reminiscent of the '60s.

Upon opening the palette I really was drawn to this gorgeous looking pink shimmer. I decided on a pink, gold, and brown neutral look. I wanted to show that many eyeshadow palettes can also be used for neutral looks in addition to bright. bold looks.

Keep reading to find out how to recreate this look.

Brow bone - light cream matte ( 1st row, 2nd color)

Crease - salmon pink matte (3rd row, 1st color)

1st third of the lid/crease and under 1st third of the eye - pink shimmer (3rd row, 2nd color)

Middle of the lid/crease and under the middle of the lid - gold shimmer (2nd row, 3rd color)

Outer crease, outer corner of the lid, and outer corner under the eye - brown shimmer (2nd row, 4th color)

To deepen the crease - brown matte with gold shimmer (2nd row, 5th color)

Eyeliner on top of the lid - L'Oreal Infallible 24 Hr. cream eyeliner in Espresso

Eyeliner under the eye - Almay Intense i-color eyeliner in Brown Topaz

Mascara - Pixi Lash Booster

I quite like the colors in this palette and think that some of them are unique. Does anybody else have this palette? Thoughts?

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