Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sugarpill's New Elektro Cute Sparkling Neon Pigments

Ah Neon. Let me count the ways I love you.

1. You are so bright

2. You make me happy

3. You love to be the center of attention

Sugarpill Cosmetics has released their new Elektro Cute Sparkling Neon Pigments. They are available in the shades Hi-Viz ( Neon Yellow), Love Buzz (Neon Pink), Sparkage (Neon Green), Supercharged (Neon Orange), and Hellatronic (Neon Blue). They are described as being neon loose pigments with color changing sparkle. They retail for $16 each.

Currently Love Buzz is sold out but Sugarpill should have more in stock next week according to their facebook. Check out Sugarpill's facebook at for swatches of the pigments.

Visit to purchase the new Elektro Cute pigments. I think I definitely need to add HI-Viz, Love Buzz, Sparkage, and Supercharged to my makeup collection. Which will you pick up?


Love Buzz





  1. Love the Hellatronic one! They look super pigmented! Nice post!

    Lorraine xx