Friday, August 30, 2013

City Color Cosmetics Haul

Happy Friday Everyone! Here's to a long 3 day weekend. To start it off right I wanted to post my recent haul from City Color Cosmetics. Who doesn't love a good haul?

Recently I did a blog post on City Color Cosmetics. They are a fairly new online cosmetics company. Their motto is that they offer good quality products at an affordable price. They sell a wide variety of cosmetics.  Check them out at

Here are the goodies I got:

Color Play Jumbo Shadow Pencil Sets 

Original and Bronzy

Spring Fling Eyeshadows

Brown, Shining Sunflower, and Sweet Daisy

Gems Highlight &Shine Eyeshadows

Champagne, Orange, and Green

Polka Dot Blushes

Coral and Pink

Polka Dot Lip Gloss

Pink Swirl

Polka Dot Eyeshadow

Collection 1

Timeless Beauty Palette

Gold Palette

I have only tried the Timeless Beauty Palette, Coral Blush, and one of the Jumbo Shadow pencils and so far I am pleased with them. I would say that City Color Cosmetics is comparable to e.l.f. Cosmetics in terms of product quality. I will provide a better review on the products in the future once I have had time to use them more. 

Have you used any City Colors Cosmetics products?

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