Friday, July 12, 2013

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips - Pop Green Eyes

Unlike the last Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips post this one does not have the longest title in blogger history. The Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Pop Green Eyes is the only other Shimmer Strips Palette that I own. I actually bought this one because it is geared towards green eyes and I just so happen to possess those. 

I do agree that the titles of theses palettes are a good choice. Pop definitely gets your attention whether you are reading the word, hearing the sound, or catching a glimpse of it. This palette contains 9 shimmer shadows. Five are greenish shadows, whereas three are purplish hues, and the last shadow a white. These eyeshadows are the same quality as the Shimmer Strips Palette I reviewed last. While the colors pop in the eyeshadow pan they pop a little less once applied and even less by the end of the day. The colors seem to show a little fading and would look best when reapplied. 

With this being said I still like the palette. Today's Face of the Day was created as follows:

Lash line to Brow Bone - White Greenish Shimmer (1st color)

Crease - Lavender Shimmer (3rd color)

Lid - Dark Green Shimmer (9th color)

Inner Corner and Under the Eye - Seafoam Green Shimmer (4th color)

Eyeliner Under the Eye - Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero

Eyeliner on Top of the Lid - LA Splash Liquid Liner in Merlot

Pops Away!

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