Monday, June 3, 2013

Wet n Wild Fergie Photo Op Newport Nights Eyeshadow Palette

Yesterday I went by my local Walgreens to pick up a couple necessities. When I entered the door I was immediately greeted with the Limited Edition Summer 2013 display for the Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection. As I was being drawn towards the display I was engaging in the typical internal dialogue. It sounds something like this "You don't need that," "but I want it." Needless to say I caved in, but only purchased the Photo Op Eyeshadow Palette in 34146 Newport Nights (this way I don't feel too guilty).

These are my interpretations of the eyeshadows. Keep in mind that my interpretation of the shadows may be different from others. The shadow descriptions and swatches are listed in clockwise order.

1 - Vanilla Matte (This shade is great for a highlight and comes is very light)
2 - Baby Pink Satin (This shade is very pretty in the pan, but is also very light. Great for highlight)
3 - Orange/Gold Shimmer(This shade is very pigmented)
4 - Pink/Purple Duochrome Shimmer (This shade is beautiful in the pan, but not that pigmented)
5 - Brown Shimmer with Gold Glitter (This shade is very pigmented and can double as a liner)

Based on the descriptions above and swatches below you can see that the majority of the palette isn't that pigmented. Why get this palette you ask? This palette would be a great purchase for a collector or for someone who likes nice natural looks. If neither of these apply to you I would say you can save your $5.

One thing that was neat about the display is that it contained these Get the Look cards, which contain step by step instructions for a creating a specific look using each palette. Today's Face of the Day was created based on my interpretation of the card.

Lash to Brow - Baby Pink Satin - Shade 2
Inner Corner - Vanilla Matte - Shade 1
Crease - Orange Gold Shimmer - Shade 3
Outer Half of the Lid - Pink/Purple Duochrome Shimmer - Shade 4
On Top of Eyeliner - Brown Shimmer with Gold Glitter - Shade 5 (Center Shade)

Have you picked up either of the Limited Edition Summer 2013 Fergie Photo Op Palettes yet?

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