Saturday, June 15, 2013

Golden Petals

Yesterday's Face of the Day was created using my FASH 80 Eyeshadow Palette. I like to refer to this palette as dependable old faithful. I keep this palette at work that way if I forget to bring a different palette I always have a backup makeup palette.

This palette has a wide range of color choices and finishes. There really are only two downsides to this palette. The first is that some of the lighter colored mattes aren't that pigmented. I usually have to apply a couple layers of the shadows and ultimately end up adding in some like colored shimmer to build up the color of the mattes. If I don't mix colors I do find that by mid day the eyeshadows do fade. The shimmers on the other hand are wonderful and I have no complaints about them.

The only other thing I noticed about these eyeshadows is that I usually do show signs of creasing around 8 hours even with a good primer. This is still pretty remarkable for an eyeshadow and hey that's a whole work day. This is fine with me because typically I go home and take my makeup off anyway.

Yesterday when I opened my FASH 80 Eyeshadow Palette I was trying to decide what shades to wear and instantly I was drawn to the pinks on the last row of the 1st layer of the palette and the 4th row on the 2nd layer. Insert pictures here:

The shades of pink remind me of flowers and after adding the gold to my eyes became known as Golden Petals. Here is how I created this look that I call Golden Petals:

Brow Bone - Matte White (1st Tray, 1st row, 4th color)

First 3rd of the Lid - Light Pink Shimmer (1st Tray, 5th row, 1st color) and Gold Shimmer on top (2nd tray, 2nd row, 3rd color)

Middle of the Lid - Fuschia Shimmer (2nd Tray, 4th row, 6th color)

Outer Corner of the Lid - Matte Pepto Bismol Pink (2nd Tray, 4th row, 7th color) and Brown Shimmer on top (1st Tray, 1st row, 6th color)

When I think of flowers the color pink always comes to mind. What color do you think of?

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