Saturday, June 8, 2013

e.l.f. Cosmetics Beach Beauty 28 Piece Day Palette

I have been a loyal e.l.f. customer for sometime now. I have noticed that recently it seems like they have really stepped it up with the quality of some of their products specifically with the eyeshadows. They recently came out with two Get the Look Beach Beauty 28 Piece Palettes. They are available in day or night versions. They each include 2 blushes, 2 bronzers, 16 eyeshadows, and 8 lip glosses.

For this blog post I will be reviewing the day version of this palette. The blushes both contain small shimmer particles but when applied do look matte. They are both beautiful colors with one being a coral with gold shimmer and the other a Barbie pink with silver shimmer. There are two bronzers one shimmer and one matte. The shimmer is a beautiful highly pigmented golden brown. The bronzers and the blushes are all very pigmented and do last a few hours before reapplication is needed.

The eyeshadows are all gorgeous, highly pigmented, and perfect for summer. All of the eyeshadows appear to be shimmer with the exception of the pink located on the 3rd row, 1st color and the blue on the 4th row, 4th color.

Row 1: I like to refer to this row in the palette as the Pastels.
White/Pink Duochrome Shimmer
Pale Yellow Shimmer
Pale Green Shimmer
Mint Green Shimmer

Row 2:
Pale Pink Shimmer
Yellow Shimmer
Emerald Green Shimmer
Pale Blue Shimmer

Row 3:
Light Pink/Purple Duochrome Matte
Golden Bronze Shimmer
Yellow/Green Duochrome Shimmer
Teal Shimmer

Row 4:
Salmon Pink Shimmer with Silver Glitter
Brown Shimmer
Hunter Green/Yellow Duochrome Shimmer
Deep Blue Shimmer

The eyeshadows could also be referred to in columns. Column one would be the pinks, column two would be the yellows and browns, column three would be the greens, and column 4 would be the blues with the exception of the mint green.

The eyeshadows are:
Beautiful colors that embody Summer
Many appear to be duochromes (made up of two colors depending on how the light reflects off of the shadows)
All appear to be shimmers with the exception of a couple
Great range of similar colors to create gradient eye looks

The lip glosses range from pink, red, and bronze. They are mainly on the sheer side when it comes to pigmentation, but they have great staying power. When I washed my arm with soap after swatching them my arm still had remnants of the redder shades.

I am very impressed with this palette and will definitely being using it for some looks this Summer. These Beach Beauty 28 Piece Day or Night Palettes are available for purchase from Target or They are retailing for $6.

Which do you typically prefer day or night palettes?

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