Saturday, June 29, 2013

Coastal Scents Double Stack Shimmer Palette & Swatches

Coastal Scents Double Stack Shimmer Palette is one of those palettes I bought when I was intrigued online after seeing it, but have never used it. I love shimmer and when I saw some swatches online of this palette I knew it was for me. This palette also comes in a matte version. There are 32 shimmer eyeshadows and 10 shimmer and matte blushes.

Below are the swatches of eyeshadows and blushes per row. They were swatched on bare skin without a primer. Each swatch was layered twice.

My favorite eyeshadow from this palette is easily the coral shade in the 2nd row. It is the 2nd color. It is just an amazing unique shade. I also really love all of the bronze colors on the right hand side of the palette in the last two columns. Some of the eyeshadows appear to be duplicated colors. Some are not as vibrant as others. For some reason the blues and the purples on the right side of the palette didn't seem to me that vibrant and were a little streaky when swatching. A couple of the shades have a little bit of glitter. In terms of the blushes I didn't find that they were as great as the shadows. Some of them appeared to also be light or streaky when swatched. The bronze shade seems to be the most vibrant.

Overall this is a decent palette. Some of the eyeshadows are very pretty and shimmery.

I will be using this palette for a Los Angeles Temptation inspired look. They are a Lingerie Football Team for those of you no familiar with them.

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