Friday, June 21, 2013

5 Days of Neutrals - Day 5

The time has arrived for the final day of my 5 Days of Neutrals Series. I must admit I will miss this Series. I enjoy creating neutral looks as much as the bright ones. I definitely enjoyed using the same palette to create different looks. This really helps to show the versatility of a palette. Today's Neutral Face of the Day was created using the same palette I have used all week, which is bh Cosmetics 88 Neutral Palette just in case anyone missed the other blogs. The look was created focusing on the pink shades in the palette. 

Brow Bone - Light Pinkish White Shimmer (1st row, 4th color)

Lid - Pink Shimmer (6th row, 9th color)

Crease - Salmon Pink Matte (8th row, 4th color)

Inner Corner - Baby Pink Shimmer (2nd row, 4th color)

My Overall Thoughts on the Palette:

1. I love the palette, first and foremost. 
2. Contains all different finishes of eyeshadows which are perfect for any look you are creating. 
3. Wide range of neutral colors including whites, silvers, grays, golds, browns, beiges, pinks, etc...that are perfect for every neutral look. 
4. Some of the lighter shades aren't as pigmented as some of the darker shades, but this isn't a problem considering this is a neutral palette. The purpose of neutral colors is to appear neutral. 
5. Easy to transport when traveling. 
6. Inexpensive. 
7. Some shades have a little fallout so make sure to tap excess product off of your makeup brush. 

Everyone needs a neutral palette in their makeup collection. Why not this one?

It is currently on sale for $12.50 and normally retails for $24.95. Visit bh Cosmetics at to pick yours up. 

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