Wednesday, June 26, 2013

5 Days of Metal - Day 3

In the Coastal Scents 88 Metal Mania Palette I noticed this gorgeous blue and knew that I was going to use it in a look. I haven't decided if this blue stands out because of its color or because it is the only blue in the palette. Typically I am not a fan of blue eyeshadows but for this one I will make an exception. 

Today's Face of the Day was created by drawing inspiration from my butterfly necklace below. The butterfly necklace contains three charms which lay upon each other in a stacking pattern. The top layer contains a blue flower with a purple center. The second layer underneath has an olive green butterfly (which could pass for brown depending on the light) with purple stones on the body of the butterfly. The bottom layer contains a large blue butterfly. This necklace is so adorable and was purchased from eBay for under $5. 

Brow Bone & Inner Corner - White Shimmer (1st row, 1st color)

First 3rd of the Lid - Blue Shimmer (only blue in the palette, 7th row, 4th color)

Rest of the Lid - Mahogany Brown Shimmer (5th row, 4th color)

Tomorrow's Face of the Day will be created using pinks from the Coastal Scents 88 Metal Mania Palette. 

If anyone has this palette, which color eyeshadow is your favorite?

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