Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Urban Decay The Glinda Palette

We can't physically go to Oz, but now we can experience it with the new Urban Decay Glinda Palette. Ok maybe that isn't exactly true. The truth is we can create looks inspired by the character of Glinda and therefore resemble Glinda but still be ourselves. There is no harm in playing dress up or pretend.

Let me count the reasons why you need this palette in your life.

1. Includes 6 eyeshadows. 4 are full sized and the other two are comprised of two shadows.

2. 24/7 eye pencil in Rockstar.

3. Full sized Super-Saturated Lip Color in Glinda.

4. Step by step Get the Look card.

5. Eyeshadows have a range of finishes which includes shimmers, satins, and glitters.

6. The palette is a Build Your Own Palette. You can take the eyeshadows out and replace them with other Urban Decay eyeshadows.

7. Huge Mirror

There are only two cons to this palette and honestly they aren't even biggies. To be fair I will also count the number of reasons you may think you don't want this palette on your life.

1. When the palette is open the mirror can't stand straight up. Instead it falls flat. No problem you can hold the palette when applying the shadows or use another mirror.

2. Some shadows have glitter fallout. No problem if you love glitter everywhere. If you don't then you simply can brush them away or place a tissue under your eye prior to application.

Today's Face of the Day was created using the following;

The Glinda Palette

Magic - First 1/3 of the Lid
Oz (Silver) - Inner Corner
South - Remaining 2/3 of the Lid

The Glinda Palette is a one of a kind, limited edition, gorgeous palette. It is a great edition to any collection and will truly make you feel magical.

First impressions of the Glinda Palette?

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