Friday, May 31, 2013

Shany Cosmetics The Masterpiece 7 Layer Makeup Palette & Swatches

I was not a stranger to the Shany Cosmetics The Masterpiece 7 Layer Makeup Palette by the time I saw it in person at IMATS. I had seen the palette on a couple of Youtube videos. I instantly knew the palette and I were meant to be until I saw the price. I knew the price was a small obstacle standing between me and the palette and that one day I would have one. When I saw it at IMATS I knew my time had come. It was on sale for $50 and being that this was such a steal for all of the products in the palette my dream finally became reality.

The Shany Cosmetics The Masterpiece 7 Layer Makeup Palette contains 7 layers or trays and they are as follows:

1. 28 Bright Eyeshadows - Reds, Oranges, Yellows
2. 28 Eyeshadows - Browns, Greens, Blues
3. 28 Eyeshadows - Blues, Purples, and Silvers/Grays
4. 28 Autumn Eyeshadows - Golds, Oranges, Neutrals
5. 32 Lipgloss Shades - White, Gold, Pinks, Oranges, Reds, and Neutrals
6. 15 Concealers - Ranging from Light to Dark
7. 6 Blushes - Pinks, Orange, and Neutrals

You basically receive 7 different palettes in one. You get 4 full sized 28 Eyeshadow Palettes for a total of 112 eyeshadows! Also a 32 Lipgloss Palette, 15 Concealer Palette, and a 6 Piece Blush Palette ( the blushes are huge)! If you purchased these types of palettes separately you would probably pay about $140. I know as I have bought similar palettes separately and they typically go for $20 each.

Each palette contains a wide range of finishes. There are mattes, shimmers, stains, and glitters. I have finally started using my palette and I can say that thus far I am pleased with my investment. The shades have good staying power, are very pigmented (while swatching it took a bit of scrubbing to remove them from my arm), contain a wide variety of colors, are perfect for a makeup beginner, collector, or artist. The only thing I have noticed so far is that some shades are powdery so can be messy, break easily, or have a little fallout. It is best to use a light hand when picking up the shades on a brush.

This palette is still available for purchase on Shany Cosmetics website ( It is regularly priced at $98 but is on sale for $75. It may seem a little pricey but is worth it if you can afford it.

My favorite parts of the palette are layer 1, 4, 5, and 7. If anyone has this palette I would love to hear your thoughts. Below are random swatches from each layer of the palette.

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