Friday, May 3, 2013

Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Saint

I picked up this palette last Christmas at Sephora. I had initially hesitated on buying it at first because I thought how many neutral palettes can one gal have. A better question to ask might be how many neutral palettes does a gal need. Well after arguing the pros and cons for purchasing this palette I finally gave in and got one. I rationalized the purchase by telling myself that it may be a neutral palette but the colors look different and I don't own anything by Kat Von D :)

I am glad my weakness for all things makeup kicked in. This palette is a great purchase. The quality of the eyeshadows hold up to any competitor out there. There are matte and shimmer shades. They apply easily and the staying power is also phenomenal. I actually like it so much that I want to purchase another palette from her line.

I created today's look using the following:

Heavens - Brow Bone and Inner Corner
Enjoy the Silence - 1st Third of the Lid
Sunny - Lid and Under the Eye
Caravaggio - Crease

I forgot to mention the shadows blend flawlessly.

Which of her palettes do you love?

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