Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Green With Golden Envy

I had the concept for today's look all mapped out in my mind. I even named the look prior to creating it. I am sad to say that I will have to postpone my original look due to the fact that it didn't come out the way I envisioned it. I will give you a hint. It was inspired by this year's Pantone Color. Fear not my readers. I will still create that look and it will be even better than I originally planned.

I have noticed that sometimes I may have a concept for a look in mind and then when I start creating the look it has a mind of its own. This gives way to something entirely different, but yet beautiful in its own way. I created today's Face of the Day entitled Green with Golden Envy by using my 168 2nd Edition Eyeshadow Palette. The look was created using the top tray of the palette containing mostly blues and greens.

Brow Bone - Matte White (6th row, 1st color)
Crease - Pink Flesh Toned Matte (6th row, 2nd color) and Emerald Toned Matte (2nd row, 11th color)
Lid - Emerald Toned Shimmer (11th row, 7th color)
Inner Corner and Outer Corner - Gold Shimmer (6th row, 11th color)
Lined Under the Eye - Gold Shimmer, Emerald Toned Shimmer, and Gold Shimmer in that order.

I referred to some of the colors above as Emerald Toned due to the fact that they are Emerald in the pan but for some reason apply a different shade of green. I found that to be very disappointing, but not earth shattering. It just taught me to not name a look until I see it plain as day on my eyes. I also noticed that throughout the day the colors do show signs of fading.

Overall I still like this palette and will use it occasionally for looks, but will probably reach for different shadows when I need a vibrant look. This is still a good palette for everyday looks.

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