Monday, May 20, 2013

Everyday Makeup and The Holy Grail of Makeup

Keep your fingers crossed. I am hoping to have finally stumbled upon The Holy Grail of Makeup.

I received my Milani order last Friday containing some of the new Naturally Chic Shadow Eyez and Runway Eyes. I ordered 4 of the new Shadow Eyez. They are 09 Cafe Au Lait, 10 Almond Cream, 11 Sand Dunes, and 12 Golden Bronze. I only ordered one of the Runway Eyes Eyeshadow palettes and it is in 19 Naturally Chic.

I have been impressed with Milani products for awhile now. They are one of the greatest drugstore makeup brands out there in my opinion. When I first caught wind of the new limited edition line and saw that it was all neutrals I knew right away that I had to try them.

I am not new to the Shadow Eyez or Runway Eyes as I have a couple of them from the regular line. The Shadow Eyez are great. They are a multifunctional makeup product. They can be used as an eyeshadow, an eyeliner, or a base. I typically use them as a base or eyeliner. They work well for me and I have no complaints. The Runway Eyes palettes can be used either wet or dry. This is a plus because it changes how the same product can be used in the same way but look different. The quality of the shadows are really good and I find that they last all day on me.

The Holy Grail of makeup to me is that one product that will enable an eyeshadow to stay put for a long period of time without creasing. I believe the Shadow Eyez in Almond Cream may have potential. It is similar to Milk by NYX in terms of consistency and application, but with one small difference. Milk is white which enables colored shadows to pop whereas Almond Cream is a light beige skin toned color. I typically find that Milk by NYX will crease on my lids halfway through the day.

I used Almond Cream in today's look as an eyeshadow base and it blended flawlessly on my lids. It was a perfect match like peanut butter and jelly. I am hoping that it will rise to the challenge and will not crease by the end of the day. To be continued...

Today's Face of the Day was created using the following:

19 Naturally Chic Runway Eyes Eyeshadow Palette (shades used are listed from top to bottom)
Shadow Eyez in 10 Almond Cream & 11 Sand Dunes

Brow Bone & Inner Corner -Shimmery Champagne (1st shade at the top of the palette)
Lid - Almond Cream & Shimmery Pinkish Beige (4th shade in the palette)
Crease - Matte Light Brown (3rd shade in the palette)
Under the Eye - Sand Dunes Shadow Eyez and same shade used above on the lid to set it

The colors in the Milani Naturally Chic Limited Edition line are perfect for neutral everyday makeup looks. Which Shadow Eyez do you prefer?

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