Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Caramelized Peach

When I opened up my 28 Cosmo Collection Palette this morning I decided to just go with the first colors that struck my eyes for today's look. I guess you can think of this process as one an artist would go through before creating a piece of art. Usually I know the night before the next makeup look I will create, but last night I was undecided. I decided to wear black and brown today so that I could keep my options open.

I absolutely adore shimmer colors they are my fav without a doubt. I must say this palette has some really pretty shimmer colors. I constantly find myself drawn to these types of colors usually because they are more pigmented than mattes. On the other hand mattes are a crucial part of blending out an eye look.

Today's Face of the Day was created using the following:

Brow Bone - Matte White (1st row, 1st color)
Crease - Matte Light Skin Tone Beige (1st row, 3rd color)
Lid - Peach Shimmer (2nd row, 3rd color) and Bronze Shimmer (2nd row, 2nd color)
Outer Corner - Matte Brown (Broken Shadow in the Picture :( (1st row, 6th color)
Under the Eye - Bronze Shimmer (2nd row, 2nd color)

I don't know if I was hungry when I created this look, but the first thing that came to mind was a peach. After further thought I decided to name this look Caramelized Peach.

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